Mass Indoctrination Day 2 Held on Zoom on November 29,2022

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What I learned:
We are supposed to listen to only one teacher, which is our Lord Jesus Christ, who received the authority from God the Father to teach us. But sadly, we have gone away from God and we are listening to other teachers who are teaching us other things, taking us away from God, because in the doctrines of Christ we are supposed to be members of the same body which is the Church of God, but we are listening to other preachers who are taking us away from God. We cannot claim to accept Jesus Christ but reject the church that he thought. We are to join the church and become fellow heirs, members of the same body. The church was established as institution of salvation. It was established to make known the eternal Wisdom of God, which he purposed in Christ Jesus. So we have to join the church and become members of the same body. Paul the apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, and Timothy our brother unto the Church of God, the Bible calls it the Church of God. That is where we are supposed to belong.

But sadly, many go astray and worship other gods even worship animals. And do some abominable things before God. Animals can be tamed by man, but some men are worshipping animals, Building cathedrals for the animals and so many other abominable things that men are doing. So we have to become members. Of the Church of God, not to reject the Church of God that Christ preached. According to acts Chapter 10 from verse 34 to 35. It is God that accept those who are righteous and fear him. So if we join the Church of God and we do the righteous things that God commands us to do, then God will actually accept us.

To accept the Gospel is not by raising of hands. Gospel is a doctrine that we should obey is a doctrine that should. Reflect in our manner of life.
Our manner of life should reflect the doctrine of our Lord Jesus Christ. The way we talk, the way we associate, the way we do things should show that we are members of the Church of God. So gospel is not. Accepted by reason of hand, but should. It's a doctrine that we have to study and obey.

Another doctrine of Christ that we learned is singing. We learned that singing is. An act of singing is an act of glorifying God. When we sing, we glorify God. We sing praises to God, because when Jesus Christ was born, the Angels sang praises to God when God was. Creating the World, Angels sang praises to God who we should come to God. We should come to the House of God with a Psalm and then sing with grace in our hearts to glorify God.

I didn't have any opposing believe regarding this teaching.

We should be members of the same body, which is the church of God. We should claim to accept Christ but reject the church he preached.

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