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False teachers and false prophets of our time have come out to claim that the church is no longer necessary, that the church cannot save anyone, but Christ Jesus said, on this rock, I will build my church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it. So he preached the church. They say to accept Jesus Christ, raise your hands and many raise their hands. We cannot accept Jesus Christ and reject the church that he preached.

God established the church as an institution of salvation. Jesus does not just preach the church for us to reject, but we are to join the church and it is God that will actually accept us, so we are to be a member of the same body. You have to be baptized to join the church to become a fellow heir. Paul, after his baptism became member of the Church of God, even became the Apostles in the Church of God. So we have to become member of the same body, and that body is the Church of God, not assembly, not ministry, not witness. We are to be member of the same body. But many have turned away from God to worship other gods which is an abomination before God. So we are to return to God, be baptized, join the Church of God as Paul was a preacher in the Church of God. To accept the gospel, it is not by raising of hands.

The Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ Is what should be seen in the manner of our lives. How we carry ourselves, how we deal with fellow men. We should be transparent in business. We should treat our fellow men well. We should care for the needy. We should do good works. So our manner of life should reflect the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The gospel is not accepted by raising of hands, but should be practice, should be obeyed in our lifestyle. Also when we come to the House of God. We are to come with a Psalm, to sing Glory to God, to glorify God for all the many benefits that we have received from him. So we should always sing praises to God to glorify him. We should sing with grace in our heart. That is another doctrine of Christ Jesus. So we cannot claim to accept Jesus Christ and reject the church that he perished. We are to join the church to be fellow heir, member of the same body which is the Church of God.

I didn't hold any opposing views on this subject.

We are all called to become members of the same body, the church of God, which Christ is the head.

God be praised.

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