Our God is a holy God, therefore, for us to work with him, we need to be upright and we need to be righteous. We need to walk in righteousness so that whenever we call on him, he will hear us. Whenever we know that there is a God listening to us, it will be so good for us. Because in this world there are times of we'll need only God's help. So we should know how to call upon God. And make ourselves righteous before him, so that he will hear us when we pray. Our God is not deaf, so there is no need repeating prayers according to Matthew Chapter 6 verse 7. When we pray, we should not repeat words. Prayer is a private discussion with God, and if we are discussing with persons, we don't need to repeat because the person hears us. If a lovely child is calling on the father. The father will always listen. That is why we need to make ourselves to be righteous, so that God can listen to us.

When the apostles prayed for replacement to replace Judas Iscariot. Their prayers was short and simple. God heard them and and gave them a replacement for Judas Iscariot. So our prayer should not be lengthy. As long as we are righteous before God, God will hear us. When we pray, we should seek forgiveness, according to Mark 11:25. We should seek forgiveness. And then we should also forgive so that God can forgive us. The principle of God is that when we forgive our brothers, he will forgive us. When we give to our brothers, he will give to us. So we should forgive one another so that God can forgive us and hear our prayers. Our prayer should not be made public. The Bible admonishes us to pray in our closet. When we shot our doors and windows, we kneeled down before God and pray, and then God would hear us. So prayer is a private matter. We should not make it public.

When we pray to God, we need to kneel down to show him respect and to reference him to worship him. As we do bow down for our leaders here on Earth, we should show more respect to God, who is our creator. So when we pray, we should bow down to worship and reference God. The Bible admonish women when they are prophesying or praying, to have a covering on their head, which is a sign of submission to the authority over them. And then men, when they are praying, since Christ is the head of men, they should not have any covering on their head. So our prayers for our prayers to be heard, just like every God had Elijah. And there was no rain on the air. We should make ourselves righteous before God, and our prayers should be brief. And our God who is righteous will always hear those who are righteous.

I didn't hold any opposing views on this subject.

We should be upright before God, si that even our simplest prayer could be heard by God.

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Their prayers was short and simple

The bible os telling us not to do the prayer like the manner of some that pray vain repetitous