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The world is full of times where one would feel helpless and needs the help of God. So it is important for us to know how we would pray for God to answer us. We need to know what God demands from us for him to answer our prayers. Because many of our prayers that are in vain, God does not hear their prayers. So we need to know what to do for God to hear our prayers. Prayer is a communication with God. While communicating with God, We should expect answers. But we should make ourselves righteous and upright so that God can hear us. God does not behold sin. So we should not go before God with sins, should not be filthy before God. God wants to hear prayers of the upright. That is why we need to make our ways to be pure before God. If we appear before God. Then. We don't need to pray for a very long time. Go hear us when we even start to pray. He said before they call I will hear, and where they are speaking I will answer.

Our prayer should come from a pure heart. A prayer should not be lengthy. A prayer should not be full of vain repetition. When we pray, we should believe that God can do what we actually desire. With that, God knows what we want, and God will give us. We should believe and have faith in God that he is the author and finisher of our faith. We should believe that God can do all that we desire. And then we should not be worried. We should not be like those who have no hope. We should pray whenever we have any need, any challenge in our lives, we should pray. And then we should give thanks to God. Knowing that he is capable of giving us what we desire. We should know how we treat our fellow men, because the principle of God is that what we do to fellow men, he will do for us. If we forgive our fellow man, then he will forgive us. If we give to our fellow man, then he will give to us when we are in need. If we treat our fellow man well, then he would treat us well. So we should have. A conscience that is void of offence toward God. And feel you mean we should forgive? We should be good to our fellow men in business and career alter we do, we should treat our fellow men well.

The simplest prayer of a righteous man is heard by God. So we should make our ways to be pure so that God can hear us, so that I will not have to be repeating prayers. For God is not deaf. He hears us when we pray. We should do like. The disciples when they wanted a replacement for Judas Iscariot. They're pretty simple prayer, and because they were upright before God, God had them. So we should make our hearts pure before God, and he will hear our prayers.

I didn't hold any opposing views on this subject.

We shouldn't repeat prayers, but should be upright before God, so that even our simplest prayer could be heard by God.

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