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That is a hard question to handle, I must say. But, Brother Eli is not afraid of any question as he will use the Bible to tackle it.

Looking at the blind man. If he did not lust with his eyes, we know he can lust with his heart. So, where is the advantage?

I think that almost every defect is a disadvantage but, I agree the physically disabled have special grace from God and even men of good heart.

In all, I believe the defects we see today is because the system of things in the world is imperfect. It will continue till the kingdom of God comes. And that is why Jesus said we should pray for his kingdom.

I simply like the way and manner Bro. Eli exposes the word of God. He has won my heart. I even wish the Members Church is in Nigeria.

I'm at a lose as why someone is engaging in this downvoting behaviour. Well, I have already seen the truth in Brother Eli's preaching, and so will continue because I am gaining a lot.

Thanks a lot. You are doing a great work for our God, and I pray that His countenance shall continue to shine upon you.