Over $1000 Worth Of Crypto Given Out Already On Telokanda Discord Server + Telokanda Trivia Show By @Battleaxe + Subscribe to Telokanda Community For $1 Upvote

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The Telokanda Trivia Show with @battleaxe yesterday being Wednesday was fun as the Community Curator/moderator and show Host made the one hour show worthwhile. Series of events like quiz session and voice chat session took place. It was massive fun. The show starts by 6pm GMT+1 and ends by 7pm. Crypto tips took place with the use of @tip_cc bot and @tipitbot. The @kandabot which selects winners who enter for it's giveaway randomly was also used to set up giveaways. Over $1000 worth of Crypto has been tipped out already over at the Community Discord server. Telokanda Community is one of the communities on Hive where fun is ensured. You can also attend the Telokanda Weekend Discord Party that takes place every Friday by 8pm GMT+1 where free HIVE, BTC, TLOS, KANDA, EOS, ETH are given out to party attendees.

Telokanda is a TELOS Blockchain based advertising platform where users earn cryptocurrency through clicking on ads and also sharing them. The platform has a native currency called KANDA available on Newdex and Hive-engine exchanges. Kanda is supported by the Telos desktop wallet called SQRL wallet https://sqrlwallet.io or Telos wallet on Google PlayStore and App Store. The CoolX mobile wallet also supports KANDA. With their advertising technique, The Telokanda team has been able to integrate KANDA to both HIVE and TELOS Blockchains. Next in their agenda is making KANDA an erc20 token and also an EOS token. This platform is the only one that will be able to make their token a Global token with various gateways.


Earn a $1 Upvote when you subscribe to the Telokanda community on Hive https://hive.blog/trending/hive-182425 and drop screenshot as proof on comment section.

Earn KANDA when you create contents using the Telokanda Tribe website https://nitrous.telokanda.com

You can buy KANDA on Newdex with TLOS here https://newdex.io/trade/telokandaone-kanda-tlos

Buy KANDA via hive-engine here https://hive-engine.com/?p=market=KANDA

Visit Telokanda website here https://Telokanda.com

Telegram: https://t.me/Telokanda
Join Discord here https://discord.gg/ECsVqza

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Bring a Crypto bucket, rain and airdrops of; Kanda, Hive, BTC, EOS etc even Doge.

 2 years ago  

Come one, come all! You do not want to miss the parry for anything.

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oh shyt! @d-pend that's weak!

But, to my surprise. I'm not on the list...

Is the price of kanda reflecting it's true value??

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we are still in talks with the CoinGecko team to add KANDA. the value can only show on discord when this is done.

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I love the Axey Trivia Hour!

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Absolutely! Nice show to attend and forget our worries.

I am SO happy to make others happy even if it's just for an hour or so, it's been very uplifting and it's great to network through trivia, hehe also to promote others art and work like your music and others projects and initiatives

 2 years ago (edited) 

The community is SUPER excited having someone like you be a part of the project. With the energy the Team and the members are putting into the community, we are going Global in no time.

I just joined this community and I won't wanna miss this party😍😍🍾🍷

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Okay! Nice

what's your username on Discord?

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My username on discord is Otydan

nice to meet you , hope to see you soon

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Thanks very much
Its nice here

 2 years ago  

Perfect! roger that.

ahhh, I just now get to this! What a great surprise and thank you for sponsoring it and being so awesome. It's been fun especially for some of us in rather stressful times to have a space to chill out in and the show has been relaxed, nice and positive which is exactly what was intended. Thanks @citimillz

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 2 years ago  

Yeah! Let's keep the energy going and support each other, then we will all get to the top and remain there.