Pixie Presents: The Hotel Mini Vlogs | Ep. 1 Communication Problems

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Today, I decided to switch gears & bring back a past short lived mini-series I had made in 2019. Most of them had been on the Steem blockchain but never was brought to #HIVE.

As most of you know, I work in the hotel industry, Due to the world pandemic, I am on furlough/medical leave at the moment & not sure if I will return, which is fine since I am ready to pursue my passions full time.

Working with the public is hard sometimes, as many of you can relate. It can be very rewarding, especially when you are able to help others in difficult situations, but it can also be extremely taxing, both physically & mentally. Unfortunately, not every one is kind.

So, instead of being angry or letting it get to me in serious ways, I started filming what really happens behind the scenes; the voice behind the phone. It shows a comedic side to things as well as tiny subliminal gems of wisdom.

As this first episode title states, there appears to be a lot of miscommunication in the latest installment of the series. Of course, this leaves me "frazzled & dazzled" as usual.

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It looks that someone missed the old job? 🤣 🤣 🤣

You too often Pixie stomp your desk, and it's not good for your hand... nor to us, your viewers... :)

I liked The Hotel Mini Vlogs... :) Thanks for bringing them back :)

Ha ha ha! Missing the job? Welllll, I wouldn't go THAT far! 🤣🤣 But I stumbled upon these & figured why not bring them back for a bit lol.

Yes, I have been told I do the Pixie Stomp on my desk. My co-workers would laugh at me when I did that & knew I had a live one on the phone. LOL

I am glad you like them! I admit, I DO miss doing them. Maybe some other similar series will be made someday, but it definitely won't be from there haha ;)😂 💛

Oh my I missed these so much!
It makes me miss my hotel life just a bit!
At the moment even the crazy clients I miss ahaha
Thank you for the laugh Sis 💜

Ha ha ha! I am glad you liked it, Sis. 😆

Yeah I thought it would be fun to dig these out and show them on #HIVE. We all need a laugh right now & believe me, I have a million stories. I am sure you do, too lol.

Welcome to the world of Hospitality ha ha. Thanks for watching. Love ya 💚

Wow @pixiepost that was amazing, Faulty Towers is back, this is almost a bit nostalgic lol, thanks a lot for sharing, it's awesome.

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Aw thanks Erik! I guess a lot of people missed these ha ha. It's funny how long ago it seems when I originally did these, but I am glad I kept these files. :)

Faulty Towers is definitely a way to describe these. Although I hope I am not as bad as the main character in that series 🤣😂

Thanks for watching! :) I am glad you liked them. More to come ;) 💕

lol, always like these very candid snapshots of life on the frontline :)

He he. This is real life at its finest...believe me, it's only going to get better 🤣😉 Stay tuned. ♥️

I really think that some people just wait for their turn to talk instead of listening to what you're trying to tell them. I lost count of how many times you had to tell the one guy that you could connect him to the reservations desk. They would have been able to hear my eyes roll at the other end of the phone. LOL

Hahahahah. Yes I think skipping over the first 2 times I told him would have been better since he wasn't listening apparently lol. 🤣

That's why I have the Pixie Stomp in the version of pounding the desk with my fist lol. Otherwise, the guest WOULD had heard the wrath of pixie 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

Thanks for watching, Lisa. I'm glad you got a good laugh out of it 😁.💗🌺🙌🐝

You're welcome, Jenn! I can relate to so much of that. It is way funnier after the fact. Always enjoy your videos!❤️😀 Have a fantastic day!

Ha ha ha! I think any of us in Customer Service can definitely relate. ;) Thank you so much. Have an amazing day as well, girl :) 💙