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RE: Hello, Hive! We're donating 10% of all profits from Help us pick a charity or cause!

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This is a wicked awesome idea, @hiveswag! I think @papilloncharity would make an awesome choice for a charity to donate to - I've seen them do some wonderful things over the past few years since I met Sir Stephen here on the blockchain. Here's their main website, if you'd like to peek for yourself -

Three cheers for Hive Swag! 🎉 🎉 🎉


Thank you, we will definitely check this out! Appreciate your support and suggestion 😁

I second @papilloncharity, it is the only licensed non-profit I'm aware of that is active on Hive.

Great to help someone who is working with social media with sole intention of using funds feed people here in South Africa.

Thanks for supporting @papilloncharity in assisting Stephen and his good works @traciyork