Several types of cactus I met in one place

Hello all friends!!
This time I visited one of the places I've been to, this is my second visit to this place of mine. The reason I come back to this place is here provides so many cacti at very affordable prices. I am very happy with cactus plants because they have different shapes. Cactus is also a plant that can survive for a long time without water, clay cacti are often found in arid areas (deserts) so this one plant is very suitable to be in my area where it doesn't rain very often. Cacti have very long roots that are useful for finding water needs, very different from other ornamental plants, cacti will store a lot of water when they meet water in the soil to survive the dry season. Most cacti do not have leaves to reduce evaporation of water through the leaves.

Here are some types of mini cactus

mammillaria elongata

mammillaria elongata this type of cactus has a very beautiful shape, has many branches like fingers whose entire shadow is protected or covered by a small self that is slightly yellowish in color, this cactus can grow up to 20cm high, I often see this cactus placed in a place that is not fully exposed to sunlight, such as in front of the window of the room and the terrace of the house.

Echinopsis calochlora

Echinopsis calochlora is one type of mini cactus that is widely cultivated and easy to get at ornamental plant sellers, this cactus will usually release saplings growing around the brood and saplings that grow in layers, usually when the saplings that grow almost completely surround the brood, these saplings can be separated. If the saplings are separated, the saplings are very easy to grow roots and develop.

Gymno damsii purple

Gymno damsii purple is one type of cactus that can grow very quickly than other types of cactus. The characteristic of this cactus is that it has a dome-like shape and is filled with red saplings, this cactus has very few spines, usually only grows in the area where the saplings will be released and in the new saplings grow.

squirrel tail

squirrel tail This is a name that I often hear, I don't know the scientific name of this cactus. The name squirrel tail cactus is problematic because it has branches that resemble a squirrel's tail, it has small thorns that grow parallel to the golden color.

cereus tetragonus

cereus tetragonus or what is known as a castle cactus. This castle cactus is very easy to find in ornamental plant shops because there are quite a lot of customer requests, this castle cactus comes from America and can grow taller than other types of mini cacti, and also has less thorns when compared to cacti. the other, the castle cactus very much I meet in the house of flower lovers, usually this cactus is placed on windows and ornamental hedges.

mammillaria polythele

mammillaria polythele is a cactus originating from Mexico, this cactus is cylindrical in shape with spines that grow obliquely parallel, has an erect stem up to 5 inches in diameter, dark green, this cactus usually produces tillers around the stem which are not as numerous as other mini cacti, newly emerged tillers can be cut and replanted or commonly called cultivation.


CameraSmartphone POCO X3 Pro
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thank you for friends who have given me support and a place to share

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