Rain, succulents and macro photo.

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Yesterday a storm came through my region, it was raining for several hours continuously, my plants in the garden are of course grateful for this blessed water from heaven and they have dawned very happily. I interpret their joy by the posture they take, by the color they show, and by the freshness that can be noticed because they are washed.


What pleases me most about them are the drops that remain between the leaves. They are like small mirrors that shine from afar. Little sparkling diamonds. Today I wanted to take several pictures of my cacti and succulents with the remains of water that they have accumulated on their leaves after the rain.

Macro photography is very special to me. Ever since I started writing and creating content on this platform before the fork of the platform I have had a special admiration for macro photography. It has allowed me to get a closer look at the tiny beauty in flowers, plants, leaves, and more.



I am excited to see the color in the center of flowers, and the fall of a drop of water deposited on a flower or a leaf. The beauty hidden behind the small details that without macro photography I would never have been able to see.


Perhaps because of the habit of living in continuous movement and not stopping to see the beauty of nature in its minimum expression. If before I loved nature, with this type of photography I have learned to appreciate the objects and smaller forms.

I wanted to bring all these drops of water deposited on my succulents so that you can also notice this beauty. One more photograph of natural beauty is never too much.



The Graptopetalum always fills her upper leaves with raindrops, sometimes I think she will get damaged and rot her stems from so much water from the sky when storms occur, and she always amazes me because it is as if she collects all the water she can to beautify herself and then wait for the next time.


The Sedum Morganianum doesn't have much of a place to deposit water droplets because its leaves are elongated but she still wanted to catch the raindrops too.


The Kalanchoe Rotundifolia has also deposited the water drops on her tiny little green leaves.


I hope you have relaxed your eyes with the beautiful water drops on my plants.

All pictures are taken with my phoneRedmi note 9.

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I felt relaxed with your beautiful photos my friend @gertu . When the storm came, I could feel that the plants were so happy, like they are dancing with smiles in the rain. Plants truly warms our soul and I felt alive seeing them. Have a nice day and best regards.

Thank you very much for your nice comment on my post. I am really happy that you liked the pictures of my favorite succulents.

The pleasure is mine my dear friend gertu. See you around. Have a great day and take care.

Thank you very much, the same to you.

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Thank you very much.

You're welcome @gertu! Have a nice day 😊👍

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