My new Gymnocalycium ragonesei

Gymnocalycium ragonesei is a miniature and slow growing cactus.

This is a flat - spherical cactus, which in
no more than 6 cm in diameter.

I like it best when Gymnocalycium ragonesei has a chocolate color of the epidermis.
This cactus blooms at an early age.
The flowers are large, almost white.

Gymnocalycium ragonesi is suitable for beginner cactus lovers.

Another of his bonuses is that in moderate lighting, he is not inclined to stretch.

But with a lack of sun, its stem color will change from chocolate to green.

With a lack of water, Gymnocalycium ragonesii can "burrow" into the soil.

He needs a small, but deep pot, since he has a tap root.

Wintering is desirable at temperatures from +5ºC to +12ºC.

P.S. this is my new Gymnocalycium ragonesii (bought at the exhibition) and as you can see it was very heavily "fed" with fertilizers. Let's see what the consequences will be.

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet










 2 months ago  

Nice looking! I have gymnos that want to flower for the first time, I'm waiting impatiently...

Thanks a lot!
I am very interested to see their flowering photos!
Don't forget to post pictures of them when they bloom.
I really like Gymnocalyciums.

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@ewkaw and @qurator Thank you so much for your support!


Thank you!