My Rebuts

Under natural conditions, Rebutia can be found on the territory of Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.

Rebutia is a very unpretentious cactus, even a novice amateur can handle its cultivation.

My Rebutias are under the scorching rays of the sun, and yet they do not get burned.
But even a little shading can harm them.

Rebutia differ from other cacti in abundant flowering and form many offspring.

In the spring-summer period, watering is moderate and in winter it is minimal.

These are heat-loving plants, they do not tolerate temperatures below +15 ° C, with the exception of some species.

With excessive moisture, Rebutia can be subject to fungal diseases leading to stem and root rot.

Photo of some of my Rebutias

The photos I were taken with a Lenovo TAB 2 A10-70L tablet
Rebutia perplexa



Rebutia chrysacantha
My second Rebutia chrysacantha



Oh, lovely flowers, I like especially that pink one :))

Thanks a lot!
Yes, this pink color is very delicate!

Lovely flowers from small plants! Amazing show!

Thank you! 💚

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Wao que lindos tus cactus 💚. La flor rosada es hermosa 😍.

Thank you!

Oh, my holly molly! They are so beautiful!

Thank you!

You're welcome (^_^)