Some of my grafted cacti, and the last seeds I will sow this year.

Autumn started in my country and a new stage is coming, it will no longer be so easy to reproduce succulents by leaves for example, and it is probably not a very good idea to keep sowing seeds either, so today I did the last sowing of the year but first I want to show some of the first grafts that I have been doing during the last month.

This is an ariocarpus retusus, a couple of months ago I sowed some seeds and did the micro-grafting, I wasn't sure I had done a good job, but there it is growing in an amazing way although a bit messy.




The next one is an astrophytum asterias, it is also grafted on echinopsis, it is also from the seeds I bought online, although the growth of this one is much faster than the ariocarpus.


The following is a lophophora williamsii better known as peyote, I bought a few seeds because the truth is that I was not sure if they were really williamsii, I was told that they were white flowered and that makes me think that they are probably lophophora diffusa, of the seeds that I planted only 5 were born, this one that is grafted, two that died when grafting them and two that I still have on their own root.


With obregonia denegrii I am having problems grafting, I have already tried on echinopsis, on pereskiopsis and also on Selenicereus undatus and I have not been successful in any of them, I still have 35 plants to keep trying, the truth is that it may seem a massacre but if I can successfully graft 5 plants, with that I will be satisfied.



With the lithops I have suffered a lot of headache, next year I don't think I will try again to sow these seeds, out of 400 that I sowed at the moment only 30 plants survive, just look at how empty this seedbed looks.


I lost the label of the next seedling but without a doubt it is the seeds of Melocactus matanzanus, I had a low yield in their growth, luckily they were seeds given as a gift, they have a nice appearance that makes them different from the others.


It is time to pot up all these leaves and transplant them into a pot for each plant.


By the way I found more gymnocalycium seeds so I had to start a new seedbed.


These seeds were given to me by my friend Fernando, the plants look similar although they are of different species, I will have to wait until they grow more to identify them correctly.




Now the new seeds:

  • myrtillocactus geometrizans.
  • opuntia santa rita.
  • sulcorebutia crispata.
  • sulcorebutia verticillacantha.
  • cleistocactus strausii.
  • gymnocalycium stellatum.
  • escobaria vivipara.
  • cylindropuntia imbricata.
  • ferocactus wislizeni.


As I find myself holding on to grafting most of the astrophytum I planted, my priority was to get myrtillocactus geometrizans, so I bought 500 seeds, in the following picture we can see 250 of them, then when I was going to add the remaining 250 and lastly, what the 500 seeds looked like together.




I wanted to plant most of the myrtillocactus seeds together so the other day when we ate cake I kept the mold it came in, I don't know if it's a good idea but I already sowed it.




Finally I took a few seeds and planted them in the traditional way I do to see if I can speed up their growth.



The rest of the seeds I will not show how I sow them because there is already a lot of post about it, it is time to say goodbye and wait to see the seeds grow, see you.

 2 months ago  

Good luck with the new seeds. Why do you want to massacre all the Obregonias? They are usually not grown grafted here and do quite well. In a few years, you can sell them for high prices

I have seen them grafted here in Mexico, apparently one of my grafts was successful but I need to wait a couple more days, definitely on its own root it is more expensive but I want to have flowers soon as they are useful for my photographs.

 2 months ago  

They are like peyote and Astrophytom, they like calcium carbonate soils so give eggshells

I already asked my brother in law to save the eggshells, they use a lot for the business in a few more days I will go pick them up and see how many they are to add to my mix.

Hopefully I will bring more than 3 pounds 😁

 2 months ago  

That will last you a long time

I love how you have organized the seeds of these beautiful plants. It looks like hard work but seeing them grow so beautifully far outweighs any sacrifice. Beautiful photos my friend.

Congratulations 💫💫💫

Thank you very much I'm glad you liked it, it's not a lot of work, it's mostly patience but it's nice.