Happy Birthday Rubik's Style || Tokyo 2020

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Greetings Hivers,

This month my son celebrated his birthday. Since his current interest is the Rubik's cube, his cake for this year's celebration was done accordingly.


I wonder what his interest will be next year this time.

Tokyo 2020 Olympics
Source- Olympics.com

The curtains came down on the Tokyo Olympics yesterday. I recall that many had reservations about whether the event should be held or not considering the current situation COVID-19. Thankfully the event came and the athletes had an opportunity to represent their respective countries. Congratulations to everyone who qualified to take part in the 2020 Olympics. Your display of commitment and dedication did not go unnoticed.

Stay connected, stay healthy.

 5 months ago  

Happy Birthday to your son and that's a great idea for a cake. Was it a chocolate cake? That's my go to cake 😅.

 5 months ago  

Yup you guessed correctly. It was a chocolate cake.

 5 months ago  

Nice cake. Did it bother him that the cube (cake) was unsolved?

 5 months ago  

Lol. He enjoyed taking the pieces apart and running a taste test.

 5 months ago  

Haha, glad he enjoyed the day.

Happy birthday to him!!! 🎉🥳What a creative cake!!

 5 months ago  

Thank you @wonderwow

 5 months ago  

Happy Birthday to the Rubik king! Memory made that?

Yo, you know I guessed Jamaica would get 4 gold medals? It was a question they asked on that "strange" radio interview. When I said 4 though, they were like "dats all" . But Jamaica was not competing in many events.

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A Japanese friend of ours made this one bro. She is very creative. We just make a request and she does the magic.

Yes based on our recent Olympic performances 4 gold medals is definitely a good guess. I wonder what the Paralympic events will be like.

Happy birthday to your son, we wish him many more years of celebration with good health

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Thanks @jizzyjoe.

You are most welcome

Awesome idea for the cake, did that take two chefs or one? Bless up from Suriname.

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Nuff respect @justinparke. Just one chef (our Japanese friend) did this one. She always àdds the ingredient of love in her cakes.

Happy birthday to him long life and prosperity, he will more on earth, he will do explore in Earth, he will grow in God wisdom, understanding and knowledge.

He great among is his mate, he will be good boy to you and the society.

The cake is beautiful with a lovely colour

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Thank you @hookup.pop

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