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RE: Ethiopia Beckons (A Reasoning) 🛫 Trying To Escape Suriname During COVID-19

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This is such a heartbreaking situation. I think it will lead to something great even though the world is upside down. You and your family are legends. I admire your strength and courage so much and the kids are like strong young branches bending in the wind but never breaking.

Good luck with everything. I send you great wishes and hugs from Canada.


What kind words, and I do agree with you. Although I often realize my family can't understand why we've gone abroad, especially Pov, hopefully she will see when the girls are 18 years old, how formative the experience has been. Given we intended to go abroad to get married and potentially reopen our restaurant, and everything that could've went wrong did, it is also an important life lesson in how important it is to be stand firm in the face of impossible odds. Good vibes flowing up north to you.... !ENGAGE 35

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