Konshens ft Jesse Royal - Just Life

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Checking out the new recommendations from the Spotify AI, I came across a new single by Konshens ft Jesse Royal called Just Life. I had it on repeat about 5 times on my drive to work today. The song talks about the issue of trust and loyalty and also about not judging a book by its cover through laying out some practical examples.

In the first verse Konshens talks about how the party girl who is out every night may not be the easy type and the girl who stays at home away from the party scene may actually be taking different parties to her home.

It is interesting that he talks about the rivalry amongst women a lot. A well crafted line; "the same gyal dat bring the information, she wah bring yuh man on vacation".

Jesse Royal also has a very powerful line that caught mind when he said; "Sometimes friends turn to enemies and enemies turn to friends, so I trust my energy and keep and open mind"

Check out the song for yourself, you will not be disappointed. Tell me what you think in the comments below.

Cover photo for promotional use, owned by the artiste.

Artiste: Konshens ft Jesse Royal
Title: Just Life
Release date: Nov 11, 2021



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 11 days ago  

Kinda nice di tune...it becomes better the more you listen to it.
Even though tings look really different right now Bredda, i want you to remember
that i wanna buy you a Dragon Stout on the 7 Mile Beach soon....Visualization & Believe..😉

Give Thanx Fi Life!🇯🇲❤️

 11 days ago  

Yes it does indeed, the first time I was like yeah, but the message made me listen again and again and I got hooked.

Fi real star, I'm gonna visualise dat! Big spliffs in hand. I'll have Guinness though 😂.

 11 days ago  

Yes I, you get your Guinness & i got my vaporizer..😜

Hola, amigo espero estes genial, saludos esta melodia me encanto es un ritmo muy lindo, de Konshens ft Jesse Royal son buenos cantantes excelente!

 11 days ago  

Hey! I know you like Konshens. This is indeed a big tune! Mariluna! Post up, dont be a stranger, you are always welcome here :)

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