Skip Marley - Vibe ft Popcaan

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Blessed Thursday from the far east!

Look at the price of HIVE, I heard it reached an all time high of $1.90, congrats to the chain. $2-$5 is in the books for sure, well nothing is sure but that's the vibe I'm getting.

Speaking of vibe, I just saw Skip Marley's new video featuring Popcaan called Vibe and, man it got that VIBE for sure. It is interesting that Bob Marley lives on through his seeds and aligns with the times making music that any generation can appreciate.

The video is like a mini movie with bike racing scenes, drifting and of course that good old Jamaican party vibe in the streets and by the beach. The riddim is smooth, the lyrics simple, melodies on point and Popcaan brings that rugged edge to the whole vibe! Enjoy this tune during the Bull Run ans catch a VIBE, tell me what you think in the comments below.


 7 days ago  

Nice tune & sweet tings in the video!😜

 6 days ago  

Yeah man, some sweat natural gals, you know Skip did that on purpose.

 6 days ago  

That was/is a good look...literally speaking.😊


 6 days ago  

Blessings 😁

Yes I saw 1.9$ minutes ago. Good signs for the future, you are right not is for sure but with all this attention.....uhm this seem sure lol.

Bob Marley inspires me, and I find him hard to replace him in my head. I don't know skip Marley but I'd check it out.

What's your time zone? Hahaha. Here its midnight! Have a nice Thursday!

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It is around noon as I type this on Thursday morning. I am waaaay over here in Japan, the Koreans are beside me pumping HIVE LOL 😁.

Skip is Bob Marley's grand kid. very kool vibe, can't replace the original but I its like a musical franchise 😆


Ha, You live in Japan? Wow! That's interesting to know! I wouldn't have predicted it..

the Koreans are beside me pumping HIVE LOL

That's what I always hear everytime hive is pumping lol (is there a detector?) Or just random assumption.

Skip is Bob Marley's grand kid.

Would look him up for my reggae Saturday morning jams

 6 days ago  

Yeah man. Never thought in a million years when I was younger of even living here, funny how life works. The assumption is based on the volume from one of the top Korean exchanges, but that has shifted that recently to Binance. It seems like a combination of things.

  • Speak Token Airdrop
  • A new Game coming to hive that will be a real battle type game ( another airdrop from 3 speak team)
  • People realizing the value of hive
  • New comers aping into interesting projects.
  • Low supply and low marketcap
  • AI buying based on tweets and social engagements.

But who really knows.

JAHM it, bro, trust me, this will sound good and build the vibes on a Saturday!

It seems like a combination of things.

More and more combinations as the proce keeps going up! The 3speak token airdrop would be cool. The future looks bright for $hive

JAHM it, bro, trust me, this will sound good and build the vibes on a Saturday!

What do you think, I can make a video vibing to the songs and make my first post in the ReggaeJahm community?


 6 days ago  

That sounds like a good idea! Bro, vibe to it, tevurw it, however you wanna do it 😉!

The future dues indeed look brings for Hive!

Lol at sponge 🧽


I enjoy the bit of raspy-ness in his voice and the videoclip is one of quality. It's definitely a number I would sway to 👍.