FR33SOL x Illuminati Congo "They Liv3/Burn D3m" (Official Video)

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What's good Reggaejahm & Conscious Music Lovers!

Here is a new track i am really feeling.
Finally more artist "stand up" against this
Plandemic/Scamdemic and for our Rights & Freedom.
Here FR33SOL x Illuminati Congo sum up what happened
around the globe in "They Liv3/Burn D3m".
They Liv3 got a HipHop Reggae Feel, and Burn D3m is a Trap
track in the second half of the video.
Both definitely "Cool 2Be Conscious".
Maybe will connect with
them soon, let's see.
For now, go into a meditation & enjoy this one:

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They Live.jpg

Here, I found their Bandcamp, if you wanna support them:

Stay blessed. Greetings. Luca1777



Yo that’s a maddd find new era conscious HipHop with tips of the roots.

 last month 

Nice description mi Bredda...Word!
Love their sound/message/rhymes...

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