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RE: A Spontaneous Trip in December 🚤 Visiting an Ancestral Place in Laarwijk Suriname

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Oh wow I had no idea of the commonality between Suriname and South Africa... yes I do understand a fair bit of Afrikaans and can hold a basic conversation. I studied it at school but haven't used it conversationally properly for years lol. I was on a coach trip once and there were 4 of us South Africans and the rest were Dutch Students from Holland... they were speaking Dutch obviously but we could understand their jokes and I burst out laughing at one...which broke some ice between us and we then enjoyed a good chat...they could understand the Afrikaans enough and we could understand the Dutch enough lol and then some English in between...It is funny when I overhear some Afrikaans people in the shops in England and they don't think anyone else can understand them😱😹 (not all but I have heard some funny things hehe). As for Helvellyn... we hiked up in October a long time ago... Autumn... it was lovely but the fog is very dangerous there and there are steep drop off one the one side so you need to go on a clear day and believe me if the fog rolls in...head home...don't keep going like we was dangerous!!! we were on the edge without realising it. I don't know but maybe summer would be better. Glad you had a lovely break... it looked lovely and chilled. And the hammock....mmm nice❣️

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Ah... thanks for sharing your (life's) story and experiences with me 😁. It's really remarkable how we're more connected than some would like to have us believe huh.

Yeah, I think if I'll ever climb Hevellyn, I'll go with a guide and check the weather beforehand, although weather in England can change in a pinch right?

And the hammock....mmm nice❣️

It was... hahaha
I forgot to take my own with me and saw that of my folks in the car, but we weren't going to turn around only for a hammock. Happy my great uncle has several 😅.

Fab! Yes, weather can change quickly and especially in the mountains...a guide sounds like a great idea! I must always miss your posts in my feed...maybe the time I log on... I will definitely try to visit your posts more often. I'd forgotten how much I enjoyed the posts and engagement with you❣️Probably because I connected with you so soon after I joined Hive and it was all so overwhelming lols... it was messy for a bit haha. take care and I'll be bumping you on the chain more often I hope 💗

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Hahahaa, yeah the "feed" sometimes gets overwhelmed with all those re-blogs, which is why I tend to not miss some of the great content here on Hive. I realize that re-blogs have a function, to help others get seen/read, but we then get over saturated sometimes.

Yeah, hope to connect more 💙.

I will stick you onto Ginabot hehe