Repurposing a Tin Cookie Box to Hold Tea ✂️ DIY Project

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I enjoy watching creative diy (do it yourself) projects and though I want to try some out, I sometimes lack some tools or the "time", so I was more than overjoyed and enthusiastic when I saw the chance of doing one myself and that is "making" my own tea box.


You might have guessed it to what it's repurposed 😅.

What I used were an old tin cookie box, some empty tea cartons and a scissor. After we had eaten all of the cookies I knew I could use it for something else, but didn't know for what yet and someone wanted me to throw it away, because he didn't want us to become hoarders. But I stood my ground, because it was a nice plain brown tin box. Most tin cookie boxes have so much details and drawings or pictures on it and I've seen my grandmothers reuse those as their needle and yarn boxes, fooling the grandkids thinking them to have cookies 😂. Who else fell for that "trap"?

Tools for repurpose.png

So one day, when we had used our last tea bag and I was about to throw the carton away, the idea came to me. I took the scissors, the tin box and some other tea cartons. I measured the box and cut strips out of the carton boxes and used those strips as inserts or liners. I then put the remaining tea bags in the tin box and voila I had my very own tin tea box. I didn't have to go and buy one from the store made from wood, plastic or from tin. I used the materials I already had in my home and all it cost me were my energy, effort and time.


The final product.

Also diy-ed your own tea box? If so, would like to know what you used for materials 🤓.

Chasse into the backstage! 💃


fooling the grandkids thinking them to have cookies

yes! Many many times, especially those round ones, the blue tin, what a disappointment lol.

But now you ginna fool someone into think the tea box is cookies...hahahah

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Hahahaha yeah I should've put a label huh? 😅 At the time it's between all the tea stuff, so guests shouldn't have high expectations.

Yeah, it's the blue tin ones that I meant 🤣.

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