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Wearing a kurti, which is a traditional Indian garment.

Two days ago, November 25th 2020, the nation Suriname has celebrated its 45 years of independence. This moment made me proud to be a born citizen of this country and happy that my ancestors made the decision to leave their own home country for a better life. If not for them, for their descendants.

Despite all the wrongs that is going on in Suriname, I have a love and appreciation for my homeland. A popular saying goes "mie kumba tey beri djaso", which literally is translated to "my navel cord is buried here". In Suriname this saying explains how connected we are to the earth of this country; the navel cord is a lifeline that is buried in the soil of a specific nation.

Apart from being connected with the earth of this nation, my love for my country is especially because of the melting pot of ethnicities and cultures that have been brought together. Yes, in the beginning those different peoples from different nations were living separated and were hostile towards each other. Mostly due to not understanding each other's cultures and a divide and conquer policy by the colonizer. I'm not saying that all is perfect now, but compared to then we have come a long way. The cultures have shared and learned from each other and opened up the conversation. Especially the cuisine has been shared, but also the languages, dance styles and the fashion. There has even been intercultural marriages.

I am myself a product of that melting pot. My ancestors have hailed from China and Java. From stories from family members our forefathers are also of African and Jewish descent, but not so sure. I have to go and research my family tree, but it's plausible.


Dancers from different cultures. Which do you recognize?

With that being said, I keep asking my countrymen questions about their own culture to learn, to find differences, but above all similarities between those cultures. The similarities bind us and the differences can enrich our lives and broaden our horizons. So tell me more about your culture here on Hive and let's broaden our horizons together.

Let's get together and feel alright.

Chasse into the backstage!💃


Yeah that was interesting for me to see when @rarej shared a party scene some weeks ago and seeing all the different shades and ethnicities.
So I am guessing like Jamaica, Suriname has some sort of colourism going?

Happy independence, Rep and proud of your nation yes!

Thank you 😊

I do believe that with an open mind and starting the conversations, but above all respecting each other despite the differences, that it might someday be a thing of the past.

The only problem is that certain institutions, like political parties for example, keep the divide going just for mere own interests.
But to combat that I think we should educate people...

You sound like a true JCI leader heheheh.

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hihihi yeah, I try to stay positive and try to think in terms of solutions, instead of problems.

Jup, just like in the rest of the world, we have that problem of colorism. Even though with newer generations and all the mixed babies and mixed thoughts, cultures and friend groups it is becoming less, it still lingers amongst some. Especially in political circles and in terms of stereotypes.

In Jamaica the it is prevalent though fading as well. But the skin bleaching is like a hobby for many, like putting on lotion lol.

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Never understood people bleaching their skin knowing that it is harmful.
At least regular make-up is a bit safer.

Now that I think of it, it's more racism than colorism here. Nobody really focuses on skin tone.

A lot Jamaican inner city peeps deep in it. Is a shame, they even have bleaching songs.

Jamaica wicked with the colorism, hence the bleeching.


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You look beautiful in that kurti and Happy Independence Day. It is a reminder of what our country has been through. Through war and disaster, we prevail.

Thank you... 😁 Too bad my churrias weren't any good anymore; would've completed my look hihi

Did you know South-Asia and Suriname have a shared history?

Really? I had no idea.... It's amazing how we are all connected.... even at such a distance we have a shared history that binds us

Yes, some of our countrymen their forefathers were from British-India, Pakistan and surrounding area's. I even know someone who's great great grandparent was a Nepalese. They came as contract workers. After their contract was done, some went back home, while others had chosen to stay. Same for the Javanese and Chinese ancestors of ours. And so true, if u follow the history how people's from different regions have traveled from one "end" to the other part of the world. We are indeed connected as human beings, with all those colorful differences like a flower garden 😅

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Wow... Nice and let's do this! 💪