To Read or Not To Read, That is the Question 📚

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The last few weeks I read in a couple of articles from other fellow Hivers, the importance of reading and in the comments some have said that even though it was a favorite pastime, they had kind of neglected it. Just as I have. And then, I tried out something different and it worked for me.

One page a day, will keep the ghosts away 🙃

Enough corny for now, but there is some kind of truth to it though. I used to be a avid reader and could slay books in a small amount of time. But as I got older and got more responsibilities, my reading rhythm got less and less and the pile of unread books got higher and higher. Which was a sin in my head, because I always believed that books are to be read and not to catch dust on some old bookcase. That's why I don't mind giving away books, when I am done reading those.

But back to my pile of unread books. I kept receiving books and other reading material from people who were also done reading those. So, I started out something new for me and that was to read a few pages everyday. Some use the norm to "read one hour per day" or "one chapter a day" and it usually works for them, but not for me. Because, maybe just at the closing of that one chapter I want to know what comes next or at the end of that one hour it just got exciting. By keeping it at "a few pages a day" I am allowed to stop where I want to or where I feel a sense of "I can leave it as is and come back later, to see how it further develops".

At the moment I'm experiencing a thrilling journey with the FBI, NSA and some kind of bio weapon. Not at the end though and I won't spoil the fun. I'm smack in the middle of the plot point, so I have passed my own "few pages a day" rule 😅, but I don't mind. The title of the Dutch translated version is Prijs van de waarheid by Tess Gerritsen and the original title is Whistleblower.


Now back to reading for me 🤓
I would love to know what works for you if you ever picked up reading again.

“There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loot on Treasure Island.” – Walt Disney


I used to be a avid reader and could slay books in a small amount of time. But as I got older and got more responsibilities, my reading rhythm got less and less

I can confirm this as it happened to me also... When I was in my teenage and "post-teenage" years I would read 3-4 books weekly! It was like diving into another world and learning about different worlds, countries, people, traditions... And then, when I start to work, and responsibilities came, that changed a lot...

I should listen to your advice and give myself a kind of daily "task" of reading a certain amount of time, as it is very important...

Thanks for sharing your strategy! :)

Yeah.... Books are my "escape" from daily stress and it gave/gives me the opportunity to travel the world, without leaving my home 😅
It also helped form my ability to put myself in other people's shoes.

Anyway, glad to have shared it, because I know there are lots of readers here on Hive. Let me know if and what worked for you?

I have found audio books really helpful, though that is not reading it’s especially good for informational books. But not so good for novels I can imagine. I should try that couple day style. I’m re-reading a lot the stuff I read before so that should do.

Awesome, let me know if it helped 😊
Indeed, I know some people who use audiobooks when driving to or from work and also more for self help books. I never tried those though. I might also give that a shot

One chapter a day sounds doable... I can't even remember the last time I read book... and I just can't read online... it frustrates me... it's like, if I'm not holding the book itself then it's not considered reading... I like this theory, might give it a try

I know.... I love the smell of the papers and the turning of pages is another experience in itself.
Let me know if and what worked for you? 😉

Oh wow. This hits home for me.. lol. I used to read so much. I could easily finish a good book in one day in some cases. I still love the thought of curling up with one on a rainy day & get lost in a whole other world. 😊

But, alas, like you, life is full of responsibilities & busyness (is that a word?), I haven't made time for it like I should. And when I do think of it, I'm usually too tired.

I like your idea of reading a few pages so it's not so restrictive. You can read as much or as little as you want without pressure. Maybe I will try it & see if it works for me... probably at night before I go to bed will be best for me.

Thank you for reminding me to do these little things, even if it's just for the joy of it! 💗🤗

It was rainy the last couple of days/weeks here, so I know the feeling of cold feet, a warm bed and drink, with a good book in bed 😁
Let me know if you're strategy worked for you?

Oh yeah, busyness is real word; I looked it up 😅

And my pleasure for sharing, because I know there's lots of readers here on Hive 💙😊

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@JustinParke here on behalf of the ReggaeJAHM Community.

I too have some books that have been in my possession for far too long that I haven't read entirely. I very much miss reading and/or making time for it.

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