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Baksheevo is a village, which is located in the Veliky Ustyug district of the Vologda region in Russia.

Having studied the Shardenga bush of villages, I concluded that this is the most extinct part of the Veliky Ustyug district. From the villages there is little left, mostly only ruins. But even such a state I must capture!

Baksheevo is located next to a forest road of medium quality, but it is very difficult to discern a houses in a rapidly growing field.

Traveling through abandoned villages, you have to see the different conditions of the houses. This time I got some ruins.

If no one lived here in 2002, how long ago have people left Baksheevo?

But most of the houses are the most beautiful masterpieces of wooden architecture - five walls with carved balusters on the balconies.

True, it is necessary to judge this only theoretically. There is nothing left of the interiors.

Every time I wonder why the globe-flower is listed in the Red Book?

The skeleton is the penultimate stage of the destruction of a former residential wooden house.

But even if there are at least some remains, then for myself I consider it a must to visit this place and to document it.

Yes, it’s boring to visit such places: there aren’t any things left, not climbing into the attic.

But the atmosphere is still preserved. For it I came here.

Every place has an atmosphere. More precisely, this is energy. It is most strongly, of course, in unusual places of nature, in settlements and former villages.

Over time, energy changes, as does the terrain itself.

Someone really was needed firewood.

The main thing is that the property is insured! (written on the tablet)

If here you can still see that the house was five-walled.

If you can still determine the shape and type of structure.

That is, such ruin houses, by which nothing can already be determined. Only an expert can say anything.

Baksheevo will disappear very quickly!

Only a beautiful field with young trees will remain.

And then a forest will grow at all...which will then be cut down...


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