Camping in autumn at Mokgye Solbat, Chungju, the Holy Land of Camping

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The temperature of the sensation is the point where winter is in front of the nose.

Still dreaming of camping in the snowy field,

I think there has been a change in my heart.

Actually, our Marco is weaker than the cold

I want to postpone it for a while in winter even for health

Be sure to take a snowy romance! I will do it!

It was last weekend that I could feel the cold day, everyone

Did you have a warm weekend?

My love Marco hosted a camping weekend after a long break.

Actually, I appealed a little if I wanted to go even if it was cold.^^

After two days together, it's almost cool now

Thank you to my brothers and sisters who are dead bodies,

New Yeonsu-dong World Beer Restaurant

Haha haha ​​ha ha ha brother you're definitely going to swear again the moment you take out the wine bottle.

Isn't Korean Korean so-ju?

Run and run like that.

I arrived at Mokgye Solbat Campground.

It was my second visit in just one year.

Last year, Marco and the two of them were awkward.

Even though I arrived before 7 o'clock, the sun got too fast, so it was dark

It was too bad to arrive late.

Through the darkness and through numerous crowds~

I met the first-class Rin Nam Joon-Shulin couple who was waiting for me to come first!!

Camping in autumn at Mokgye Solbat, Chungju, the Holy Land of Camping

The salty couple that arrived immediately joined

With the summer camping behind, the camping that joined us

It was almost 3 months ㅠ,ㅠ

I wanna go every week...

Now that we're all together! Fill the stomach

You should also enjoy the proper drinking dance~

From the moment you arrive and sit down to just before falling asleep

I had no time to rest my hands and mouth.

Hahaha hahaha No matter how you eat, it's the charm of camping.

It seems that the pork cutlet was the first menu that came up while I was camping.

I think it was very easy.

Above all, I like Oden

The first rank is Odentang unconditionally.

I'm a cotton killer~~~

My sister's food skill increased more and more every day.

I'm very commended for the skill that was cultivated by camping.

I did one thing and it hurts my eyes

Snorkeling glasses;; hahahahahahahaha

Shrimp of tears that replaced the pain in the eyes

It's really yummy ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Oh, I have everything I like here,

After all, people who camped


Grilled sputum with Junsu-Lin's hand-picked noodle

It was delicious, so I ate all the metallurgy metallurgy.

It seems like every day something goes on?

The day gets darker~ The cold becomes stronger.

It also creates a warm atmosphere with firewood

The mood is more ripe with the song Kim Gun-mo~~

BGM Kim Gun-mo-Even if the world deceives you

Regret makes time feel more double,

I ate and chatted so hard and greeted the morning.

Brightness I didn't know yesterday

It was better because there was no specific time to leave.

I woke up late and ate ah.

As always in the morning menu

Whisk all the leftovers

I'm going to soothe the speed with the sundae country that my salty brother passed away

The rest of the people have a morning walk

As I walked through the bathroom all the time, I saw a landscape I didn't know yesterday.

I think the natural energy in the morning is especially good.

After finishing the schedule like this, in the middle of the campground? towards

I also moved.

After moving to the seat, I feel like camping twice.

Even the little visitor came.

Cute Earring,

Like this! Have dinner with ramen on pork belly!

We finished camping for 2 days and 1 night, which felt more toxic.

The arm is bending inside

Even if we looked around, there weren't any miniature campers like ours.

When I meet Marco, I go camping like that.

Where do you think your boyfriend for camping is common?

Marco met a good man,

Days that receive a lot of good energy. :-)

The car that the soldier raised the salute after seeing the car that was built ^^

Thank you from now on. It's a wheel.

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