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Berastagi CityBerastagi City

Enjoying the Holiday Atmosphere in Berastagi City, North Sumatra with Family.

Good night.

How are you all tonight ..? Hopefully you are still protected by God Almighty.

On this occasion, I will briefly tell about the journey of my life with my family. The journey of life while enjoying a holiday atmosphere with family at the beginning of last year, a vacation with family at the beginning of that year we visited Berastagi City, North Sumatra.

At the beginning of the year, my family and I departed from Aceh Province to Medan City, North Sumatra Province, the journey from where I live to Medan City took an eight hour trip. We took that vacation by land transportation (private car), we traveled from Aceh to Medan at night.

Arriving in Medan in the morning, we took a short break at one of the inns in Medan, we took a short break for just a few hours. The activities that I do with my family at the inn besides resting are having lunch with my family, after lunch, we immediately left the inn for Berastagi City. The distance from Medan to Berastagi is 66 kilometers by land transportation.

Berastagi City has very cold weather, this is because the city is located at an altitude of 1300 mpdl, the city has a very beautiful view, the city which is flanked by Mount Sibayak and Sinabung is currently increasingly being visited by tourists. Tourists from various regions and abroad usually visit here when the holidays arrive, at the beginning of the new year tourists usually arrive at the beautiful Karo land.

Arriving in Berastagi, my family and I immediately looked for a place to stay to rest, the inn we chose was the Berastagi Coltage Hotel. The reason we chose this hotel is because this hotel is very comfortable to rest, away from noise, has beautiful views, affordable lodging prices, has complete facilities and is not far from the center of the crowd. In addition to resting, what we do there is take a selfie with the family, this hotel has a beautiful garden with views of the Mount Sinabung spot, this inn has clean air and is very spacious, is on a hilltop and has game facilities for children in the park to be wrong our one reason to rest here.

While in Berastagi, we visited several beautiful tourist attractions there, the tourist objects we visited were Tongkoh Botanical Garden, Karo Heritage Museum, Funland Mickey Holiday, Gundaling Hill and Thousand Flowers Park. But in this post I only tell a little about the trip while at Funland Mickey Holiday and the Thousand Flowers Park.

The second day in Berastagi was the beginning of our vacation trip at that time, on that day we chose Funland Mickey Holiday as our first destination, where the reason we chose the attraction for children's games was to pamper the children, bring them. play with full of fun and happiness. Some of the rides they try and every now and then I have to keep an eye on them while playing.

Funland Mickey Holiday has a wide variety of rides for children, even some games can be played by adults, only by paying for the ticket we can play as much as you like. This game vehicle also provides several very complete public facilities, a playground and relaxing, cafes and restaurants, hotels, swimming pools, and other public facilities. Happiness shines on the children's faces because they play happily everyday, in this place we also enjoy lunch at one of the restaurants on site.

This luxurious restaurant serves a variety of food and beverage menus at affordable prices, the service in this game vehicle is very good and satisfying. When the sun wanted to greet the night, cold air enveloped the heart, we immediately returned to the inn to rest. Arriving at the inn, we did not have any other activities other than cleaning ourselves and having dinner together at the inn restaurant.

After breakfast, we continued our journey around the city of Berastagi, the cool natural conditions due to being on high land made us have to wear jackets when we were about to travel. A few hours of wandering around the cool city and visiting shopping centers, we went straight back to the inn to rest.

The next day we visited the enchanting Thousand Flowers Park, starting with breakfast with family at the inn, after this activity we immediately went to a tourist attraction filled with thousands of types of flower plants. This beautiful park is located in Desa Raya, towards this park, we traveled by car as a tool transportation of that era.

The garden of a thousand flowers certainly offers extraordinary natural beauty, cool air, beautiful scenery with mountainous spots, being at the top of a hill, making this flower garden visited by many foreign and local tourists. Having gone viral a few years ago on social media, it made us very curious to visit that beautiful park, through a long journey, along winding roads and through several villages, finally we arrived at the dream garden. Arriving at the flower garden, our car as a means of transportation is parked in the space provided by the management, the parking area is built on a very large area of ​​land.

To enjoy the beauty of the thousand flower garden, we only pay the entrance ticket at a very cheap price, my family and I immediately entered the flower garden area which is very large. In this park we unwind, relax and enjoy the view of thousands of flowers with beautiful colors, enjoy the beautiful charm of the universe with mountain spots and take selfies as a sign of remembrance of visiting this place.

Several public facilities are also available in the thousand flower garden area, lodging, restaurants and cafes, large parking areas, places of worship and other public facilities. This flower garden looks like a flower garden in several countries such as the Netherlands and Japan, the flower garden which is still included in the Berastagi area stands above 1000 square meters.

Various types of flowers from abroad also grow beautifully in this garden, Celosia flowers from Africa, Chrysanthemum flowers, Marigold and Esther grow in various hues, as far as the eye can see the beauty of these flowers can bring us to the wild, being on a hilltop with air cool makes this park always visited by tourists every day.

The Berastagi Thousand Flower Park is very suitable for taking selfies, this park besides having beautiful mountain spots also has a miniature view spot of the Paris Eiffel tower in the middle of the park, besides that this park also has a suspension bridge which is very suitable to be a selfie spot with family.

The togetherness of my family and I in this garden continued until lunch, the flowers that bloomed in the garden were able to provide comfort and coolness in our lives, until finally we returned to our resting place. On the way home, our family and we stopped briefly in the village to buy various types of flower plants, the prices of flowers here are sold very cheaply by local traders. The flowers we buy are planned to be planted in Aceh later.

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