A Dog Stole My Shoe In Albania & I Have Proof!


Oh, travel life! One day you wake up to go pee against a tree and lay back down. Then you wake up again hours later and your left shoe is gone. New experiences every day.

So the next morning I asked our van neighbors if anyone has seen a lone shoe and Günther, a guy from Austria said: Yes he had! I said: "What? Really? A Grey One?" He said a dog came by this very morning, super proud and presented what he had 'found', then ran off with it.

I went to search the whole area but no luck; came by a place where garbage is collected and I found 4 other left shoes. HMMMMMMMMMMMM. I may be dealing with a furry professional left-shoe thief or something.

Anyways what's really funny about this is Günther also said this to me: "I actually took a picture, here wait it's on my phone."

I thought no it can't be, and he pulls out his phone and SHOES me a picture of the crime in progress! This definitely is my shoe.

Or it was. Not sure I will ever get it back ahahaha.

I have since found the dog but no idea where my shoe went. And I can't be mad at the little doggie - my own fault for leaving my shoes out at night for random dogs to play with, especially since some other people have been mentioning this sort of crime happening around beaches in Albania. Learned that lesson for sure ;)

It's also the only crimes I have heard about here this past month, Albania is amazing.

Just look how happy he is though! That little fucker ahahahaha ;)


The way I look at it: I gave a shoe and got a miraculous week full of interesting people at a paradise beach in Southern Albania, and some much needed Hive-time in return.

A pretty good deal, don't you think?

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Images by me and Günther with permission to post ;)

Thanks for stopping by <3


Hahaha the left foot shoe thief :D he looks like he found a treasure!

I know right? Maybe he is stashing it somewhere. Got about a week or two to find it before we go.
Thank god it's not real leather or the dog would have probably eaten it.

Hope you're doing well Ed, thanks for stopping by again <3

Hope you're doing well Ed, thanks for stopping by again <3

My pleasure, good to see you in Albania (of all places!!Nice adventure!) 😁

ye the adventure continues somehow, hehe. i feel really grateful for it!

a life-long criminal brought to justice... awwww, you can't be upset with that wagging tail :)