"Dude Where Have You Been?" God, Hive have I missed ya!


What a crazy past year it has been. Ever since my lady and I went to join the rainbow gathering in Albania in late September I have been off Hive - a several month long break from writing and publishing, just because so much has happened! Life taking new turns and new projects demanding my attention to the point that there was no room left for continuing to write. Better to take a break when life demands it!

My lady and I finally kicked off our street music career in busking and that worked so well that all our energy went to that. We started playing towns in Southern Albania which eventually turned into somewhat of a music tour across Greece!

So much has happened I really don't know where to begin so I just ramble a bit about these past months here to get back into the groove of the hive, but for weeks Hive has been calling us back to keep writing and to keep saving the memories of our life on the road, to create more time capsules for future generations on this blockchain in these crazy times. Hive's prospect seems more enticing than ever!

Hope you are all doing well and that the gang madness of our insane age have not gotten to you yet completely. We have collected a few odd stories ourselves but needless to say we are still healthy and the only virus that actually seems to exist is in the minds of people believing what they hear on the mass media machine. What else is new?

We had originally hoped in September that we would get another house-sitting gig over winter with ample time,power and opportunity to hive and to make and record music but that has been canceled last minute. So life "forced" us back into van life and what to do in a van without heater in winter?

Go south of course ;) What's more South than Albania? Greece. That ominous place that didn't want us last year now became an option again. So we took the plunge and I think it was worth it.

We traveled to the Southern tip of Greek mainland and while it has been really good to us, all we really want to do is go back to Albania. Ahahahaha. By far our favorite place in all of Europe thus far, so far away from "EU" territories in terms of life quality and an aura of possibilityo self-actualize...

Our car battery might be on its way out so I can only write during the day now, when the solar panel keeps feeding the laptop. It's ok, I would have loved to make music like a madman and move into a tiny studio over winter but it is what it is. Things are ever changing here in our life. Electric times will come again and I am very grateful I can still use my laptop despite its battery starting to act up ;)

Best plan was and is to channel our energy into our busking act which has seen amazing feedback and payoffs in all sorts of ways. Something we will surely write more about in the coming weeks.

All my trading has stopped completely due to power constrictions, can't hunt entries and chart BTDC all day which is something I really miss but life dictates it that way - what can I do? Just waiting for a decent moment to flip most of my stake for the eventual ensuing bear market I sniff on the horizon. Maybe the last major bear for hive ever, if things keep going the way they have been around here. It might turn out to be the worst sell ever but I feel mainstream adoption may still be one more cycle away. Waiting for the time when everybody and their grandma want in on BTC again and then flip my entire stake, then not touch anything for two years or so before buying back in and powering it all up. We'll see how that turns out, so much for the left-brain plans about crypto ;)

Logging back into Hive feels a bit like coming home. It's priceless. And while in the real world we are still drifting about trying to find a place we want to call home longterm, this digital home, this tiny electronically linked community has given us so much love and connection.

We have promoted Hive wherever we went on travel and it's just so good to reconnect with our writing outlet number one once more. It really is self-therapy having this outlet.

No big ambitions today to write anything grand and on point, just to give everyone a life signs, telling you that we are doing alright in our sprinter and that we are thrilled to finally reconnect as this new Gregorian year has started.

God I want to read up on everything. 3 months break feels like an eternity.

Much love to all of ya!


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Iamges taken by us at our favorite Albanian nature parking spot in Saranda

Thanks for stopping by <3


Welcome back, buddy! I'm psyched to reconnect, once again ( not that we ever disconnected ) and I am looking forward to your stories :^)

man it's so good to reconnect. it's not that i couldnt have before but let's just say other things demanded my attention and yesteday hive's draw was just too great!
I want to read up on your adventures one by one as well :)
the newest post I wrote I had to think of my lovely filmmaker in exil. If you aren't familiar you may dig the movie a lot..

much love vince!

the newest post I wrote I had to think of my lovely filmmaker in exil. If you aren't familiar you may dig the movie a lot..

Will check that one out, soonish. If I can find the time.

Big hug!

Great to hear from you and that you were in Greece, one of my dearest friends grew up there and would have been there around the same time as you, but she is back in Spain now. Glad to hear all is well and look forward to hearing more about your adventures xxx

hey thanks! we met many travelers already, not everyone staying at home ;)