Hiking in the Mlynická and Furkotská valleys

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Hiking is my hobby. I like to go to the mountains. One of my favorite locations is the High Tatras. This majestic mountain range and its high peaks attract me. This time my colleague and I decided to cross the mountain pass between the peaks. We believe that the weather will be good and that we will return home full of experiences.

We leave almost in the morning and drive to Štrbské lake. This is where our hike begins.

We don't stay at the lake because we'll be back here. 15.5 km and an elevation gain of 1039 meters await us. We continue on our way around the lake.

After a 1,5 hour walk we come to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in the High Tatras. Skok Waterfall is about 30 meters high. We both choose cameras and take pictures of him from all sides.

Skok Waterfall

Skok Waterfall

When we think that there have been enough shots, we go up the ladder, which is next to the waterfall.

In front of us is a typical Tatra landscape. The silence and the room is amazing.

We're at Capie lake. A sublime ascent in front of the summit awaits us. However, this is the hardest. We love the landscape for a while and gain strength.

Capie lake

We walk upstairs and take regular breaks to exhale. An older gentleman walks past us, saying that he has completed this tour eight times.

Snow falls a few meters below the hill. We walk carefully along the narrowed sidewalk. We're up! I look behind me and see such a beautiful view of the Mlynická valley.

Mlynicka valley

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Mlynicka valley

We cross a narrow pass - Bystrá Lávka to get to the Furkotská valley.

Bystrá Lávka

We hear a helicopter flying somewhere nearby. And indeed! On the other hand, a rescue operation is underway. The helicopter takes an injured tourist to the hospital, on which a loose rock has fallen.

The helicopter takes off and we can enjoy the view.

Vyšné Wahlenbergovo lake

On the way through the Furkot Valley we pass through a similar scenery as we saw in the Mlynická Valley.

Vyšné Wahlenbergovo lake

At the end of our trip we come again to Štrbské lake. But this time I'm choosing a camera.

Štrbské lake

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Place: High Tatras National park 🇸🇰
Camera: Canon 6d Mark ii

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