3 places in [Cumilla, Bangladesh] that I highly recommend visiting!

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*My home district is **Cumilla District** in Bangladesh. Cumilla is a very big and popular city in this country. There are a lot of historical and beautiful places for tourists. Today I will share 03 important places I have visited and found as suitable for the tourists visit..*

1st Place: Moynamoti Shalbon Bihar

This is a historical place of Bangladesh situated at Kotbari, Cumilla.

There is found a Bihar that means _the palace of Buddhist famous person specially pious people, where they stayed and prayed as well as it was also used as a university at that time about thousands years ago.

Thousands years older wall
Thousands years older wall

It was discovered by digging a hill track and then preserved by the Bangladesh government. Now it is a one of the most valuable historical place of this country.

It has both historical value and natural beauties, that's why the tourists like it for the tourism very much and a lot of study tours is occured here from different universities colleges and schools.

Looking for history
Looking for history

Students come here to learn about the history by visual study and to enjoy the natural beauties of this awesome area.

There is also a museum besides the Bihar. On the museum, you will get a chance to see different items that was used about thousand year ago by the people of that area.

Great combination of history and nature
Great combination of history and nature

And on the south side of the museum, there is a place for arranging picnic. There are some Shawl Tree. For these shawl trees this area is called Shalbon (Forest of Shawl).

Here you can arrange a picnic. So in winter season, people come here with friends, family and colleagues.

Natural beauties of Kotbari
Natural beauties of Kotbari

Different educational institutions and corporate organisations also arrange their annual picnic or reunion programs in this area.

2nd Place: Bangladesh academy for rural development (BARD)

The second place I will recommend you to visit, it is BARD. It means Bangladesh academy for rural development.

We are at the gate of BIRD
We are at the gate of BIRD

Actually it is an autonomous institution that was established for research and training of local people specially for the farmers and weavers as well as practitioners on rural development.

The academy is worldwide popular for implementing the Cumilla Model of Akhter Hamid Khan in the 1960s. That model was internationally recognised as a model project for rural development in the developing countries.

It was open for visitors, but after a raped-murder of female student named by Tonu, than it has been a restricted area and if you want to enjoy the entire beauty of BARD, you have to take permission from the authority.

I went there with my friends and we didn't know that it is now a restricted areas. After going there, I called my friend who has some relation with the director of this institution and he managed a permission for hours.

Inner side of BIRD
Inner side of BIRD

Then we entered on the enter area and enjoyed the natural beauty. This is really awesome place with a lot of trees with flower, fruits and others.

Gossiping at the tiny hills
Gossiping at the tiny hills

There are some tiny hills upon that you may sit down and gossiping. This is also a great pleasure for the tourists.

3rd Place: Baganbari, Nangalkot

Third days I will recommend you is at Nangalkot, Cumilla. It is not very well known area, but you will find it very much beautiful and enjoyable place.

In the garden of Baganbari
In the garden of Baganbari

I came to know about it by one of my uncle and be informed that it is situated very close to my maternal uncle's home.

So with my family, I went their and enjoyed the whole day on the area. There are a garden with a green pond, where you can take bath.

How green the water is!
How green the water is!

You can go sleep on the garden or gossip by sitting upon the green dense grasses.

You will hear the twitter of different birds and smell the scents of different flowers.

Actual beauty of rural Bangladesh
Actual beauty of rural Bangladesh

If anybody want to see the actual natural beauty of rural Bangladesh, he can come here and stay day long time to enjoy with natural sceneries.

Finally I will invite all of you to come and visit Comilla district and of course these three awesome areas. Otherwise you will miss something specials..

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Thanks that everything for the initiative of this type of creative contest. I am very much enjoy your efforts. I have shared this blog post in my Twitter account.

Looks very nice and natural. I've only been in Dhaka and that was just a layover on Biman Air between Thailand and India years ago. I've been in Bihar often in India and didn't know the meaning of the name. Thanks for that. I'd like to check out Bangladesh some day. I've heard very great things :)

You are invited and welcomed to our country. Whenever you come here, you may notify me. I will help you anyhow.

Thank you my friend. I will.