CCC's Street Art Contest #29 Fintan Magee, Lismore Library, Australia

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Another week another great piece of art from my huge StreetArt photography collection. Last week I showed one from a friend from Stutgart, Germany. This week we´re going back to Australia, to Lismore in New South Wales to be exact.

This one from Fintan Magee on the Library of Lismore is huge. But it´s not the only one in Lismore, as this small town is full of awesome StreetArt. If you ever happen to be there, don´t miss out on the colorful streets of that town.



HIVE Photography.png



Some very good artist out there.


Very cool mural... I'm lukcy to have a mural of this artist right next door to my house in Montreal for 2017 Mural Festival:

137 - Fintan Magee sur Pins (2017).jpg

wow this is even better. what a masterpiece! Thanks for sharing

Beautiful work, very talented artist Fintan Magee 👍

Thanks for sharing this pic on The StreetArt Community.

greetings @betterthanhome,
personally I like street art very much, many people with great talents who deserve recognition for their art, good article.

Yours, Piotr

A lot of emotion captured in that face, but.....out of curiosity, what is that he is holding in his hands?

Thats what I´ve found. Not sure what exactly it is.

The Quad partnered with Gnibi - Southern Cross University's Indigenous School – to develop the theme for the mural portrait which celebrates intergenerational exchange of Bundjalung knowledge and language. The work features an Elder and a young person from the Widjubul Wiyabul clan of the Bundjalung nation to represent their significant role in the preservation and revitalisation of traditional language.

the plot thickens...