Vogelsang former GDR

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Deep really deep in the forest are the remains of a former Soviet medium range atomic weapons base and military camp.


Not many buildings remain there was a lot of demolition work happening when I visited,


I think only serious artists are prepared to make the trek to this location. The last two images were found in the school gymnasium.



I kinda like this cutie, shame her speech bubble has virtually gone, it would be interesting to see what was being said


Hope there are no left-over munitions around there, especially the radioactive kind. It would have been dangerous to try and go there a few decades ago.

Guess I need to learn German 😂


Serious danger to life and health!

Fun though

Great pictures and interesting art on those walls!👍

Cheers for the feed back

Great selection 👍, especially the works on the basketball court...

Thanks for sharing these pics on The StreetArt Community.

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