Daily Street Art #195

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Sometimes you don't need to fight, but you have to be cunning like this restaurant owner. His shutter was the prey of tags every week and not the best ones. But after several coats of useless black paint, the owner found the solution by asking Jaker and Legal to make this superb lettering. And now no more tags. 😀

Parfois il ne faut pas lutter mais ruser comme ce propriétaire de restaurant. Son rideau métallique était la proie toutes les semaines de tags et pas les meilleurs. Mais après plusieurs couches de peintures noires inutiles, le propriétaire a trouvé la parade en demandant à Jaker et Legal de réaliser ce superbe lettering. Et maintenant plus aucun tag. 😀

485 - Jaker and Legal sur Prince Arthur.jpg

🧑‍🎨Who :Jaker & Legal
🎨How :Lettering
🗺️Where :On 107-115 Duluth street, Montreal, Canada. Google Maps
🕰️When :2021


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Here in Brazil this "code of honour" also applies. In my opnion it's way more about respect than the actual art preservation. In the 90's people were literally killing each other over tags.

Yep always cool to see some respect.


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