Pizza Pumpkin Carving Contest | Over $100 in prizes!

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In the spirit of October and with Halloween right around the corner the team over at Hive.Pizza brings us an amazing opportunity. Who knew that being a dab hand with a carving knife could bag you some $PIZZA?

Well until now it couldn't!

Welcome to the first Hive.Pizza Pumpkin carving contest!

Put your carving skills to the test in one of 3 categories:







The Pizza Team will pick 2 winners from each of these categories to hand out $20 USD of $PIZZA each!

That's a total of $120 USD of PIZZA available in prizes for all of you professional pumpkin carvers to scoop up and spend on more pumpkin carving classes and whatnot! You'll want to keep your skills up in the off season for next years contest!

In order to take part all you have to do is carve yourself a jack o lantern that fits one of these categories, take a picture of it, and post it in the HivePizza Community before midnight PST on the 29th of October to be considered for a prize! You can use any tags you want to post it to other frontend's etc but it MUST BE POSTED in the HivePizza Community to be considered! That's it. Easy Peasy!

So hit up your favorite pumpkin patch and get carving! If you don't have access to pumpkins- thanks @zonadigital21 for asking the question- feel free to tear into an alternative fruit or veggie and participate anyway! I posted a link in reply with some ideas in the comments!

I can't wait to see what everyone comes up with!

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Join the Hive Pizza Discord here

Join us in the HivePizza Community to check out the entries!

Check out the website while you're at it!










Our last Carving Projects :D

There's some real pumpkin carving talent on display in these pics! Can't wait to see what you put in for an entry! !PIZZA

Ohh lets get these holidays started!

Lets gooooo! Looking forward to seeing the utopis logo or chrono logo carved into one! ;) !PIZZA !ALIVE

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We are suuuuuper excited and cannot wait to see/read your submissions! Please feel free to join our discord!!

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it is a good idea but here in my country venezuela they do not sell those pumpkins, I have never seen one of those because there are none here, what other alternative do you give me to be able to enter the contest, example, can I carve another fruit or not?

I think the traditional is a pumpkin but here there are not those, greetings and I hope to participate because I like these community events. !ESPIZZA



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You could use any squash or gourd that can be carved or cut to make a face and hollowed out so that light can be shone from the inside! A quick search found this article that might help! I think I can speak for Pizza when I say that carvings in alternative fruits or vegetables will be considered!

ok thank you very much I will read the link you gave me,

Thanks for the slice! I hope you'll enter the contest as well! !PIZZA

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Wow, @dibblers.dabs this is a tempting contest that will put many to use their creativity, I would like to participate, so I will try to do my best to win a place on the list of participants.

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Thanks very much! It's open to any and all. Please make sure to post in the hivepizza community I linked in the post for the entry to count! I am sure there will be plenty of !PIZZA handed out over the course of the contest in the comments as well! The Pizza crew is looking forward to seeing all the entries!

Thanks🤝 to you for the willingness to give me those tips📝 for the contest I suppose I can show my gratitude by sending a succulent🍕 !PIZZA

You'll need 20 PIZZA staked to send other users the !PIZZA command through the comments! If you don't have some already you can get some on the hive engine market, save it up from tips, or win some in contests etc!

I guess things have changed ..! I have pizza and until a few days ago I was able to successfully call delivery !PIZZA something's happening I'll try to know.

You just need to stake it now instead of holding it liquid! !PIZZA

Where can I bet my pizzas? can you give me a little detail?

bet them? I'm not sure what you mean by that. you can stake them in your wallet to send pizza to other people, hold on to them staked and you will have a chance to be chosen for the holders lottery, put them in the diesel pools on tribal dex to earn more rewards, spend them on hivelist stores or in the game store, spend them in rising star or in hashkings, and a few other things too!

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Halloween is coming. . .