How about this?

Love it, using it!

Cool! Is it 5 Chaos Legion packs worthy? 👀

Yep, sending them over this evening. Haven't been in game for a couple days.

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big goals for big rewards..we can do this

@chefbgob, sorry! You need more $LUV to use this command.

The minimum requirement is 10.0 LUV LUV in your liquid wallet.

More LUV is available from Hive-Engine or Tribaldex

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To infinity...and beyond!

Let's go !PIZZA family!!!!

Love it! !PIZZA

awesome nice work! !PIZZA

Setting the bar high! I like it. I will definitely be participating in all three buildings. Will start hammering on the Guild Hall now.

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Please vote for pizza.witness!

If I can attempt to design a banner, will the offer still hold @kennysgaminglife ?

Being a new player, the packs sounds EXTREMELY TEMPTING (and not to mention helpful). Hehe

I've already upgraded to the one that @mcgilli made, but if you can make an even cooler one, I'll send you packs as well :-)

I'm editing the offer out of my original post at this point, so I don't end up with 20 of these haha.

@kennysgaminglife , would this be good for your standards?😅

I am having my exams tomorrow. Do give me a couple of days, will get back the day after. Will do my best to come up with a nice design that is worthy of your packs! hehe. You will not regret it!

These packs will go a long long way for a new player like me! hehe

Hey @kennysgaminglife , as promised! My exams are over and I immediately got cracking. I am not a designer (on the contrary I am close to naught in my arts), but I tried my best! If you want the original copy, I can send it to you!


Now the inspiration came from how the system works, whereby we have to use DEC to upgrade the buildings. So just like how rain nourishes the seed, the DEC (rain drops) from the clouds (guild members) will nourish the seed (The Guild) to grow into a big tree. And what tree? None other than a Pizza Tree! (since you guys are the Stuffed Crust) after all!

Now I initially made this as a short little video so as to have the DEC mimic the motion of a rainfall, and the pizzas on the tree swaying along the wind. But I am having some technical difficulties so end up resorting to a photo!

I don't know if this meets your standards, but for that 5 CL packs I definitely will do my best! Hope this is good!