A Rainy Evening by the Sea Side

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Yesterday was the last day of the 10 days Ganesh Chathurthi Festival, normally on this day the roads are crowded and there is heavy traffic on the roads as they take Lord Ganesha for the immersion ceremony, but due to all the Covid restrictions since last 2 years the ceremonies are being done in a quiet manner and there is traffic and people restrictions also on the road.

Last evening it was raining, I could not go for my regular walk, so me and hubby decided to go for a drive towards the sea side and enjoy the evening. This time of the year is my favorite in India since it's rainy season and I thoroughly enjoy rains.

This area is called Nariman Point and I always enjoy taking a walk over here. On a normal day I would come here with my friends after dinner for a late night stroll and then have an ice-cream at Naturals where they make fresh fruits ice-cream.

When I was working back in Mumbai that is like around 13 years back my office was in this location, it was such a pleasure working in this location, my cabin was facing the sea so it was a delight all day long, if I would feel stressed out, all I had to do was look out for 5 to 10 mins and that would relax me. In the afternoon time me and my friend after lunch would step down for a short stroll and then get back to work again. Feeling very nostalgic remembering those days. This place is normally packed with people but due to rains and also covid nowadays there is less public here.

This is the walking path. You can see the Trident hotel in this picture, this is where the terrorist attack had happened in 2008 along with other prominent locations Taj and Leopold cafe. Next to the Trident building is the Air India building which was my office. When the attack had happened this whole area was cordoned off and for a week we all had to do work from home. When we had resumed back to work, it was such a strange feeling and to see the destruction was a horrifying experience.



Day or night, this place is always buzzing, as they say Mumbai city never sleeps and you can experience that in this location

When I return back to Muscat I always miss these moments

From today I will be starting my Aerial Yoga classes, I am a bit nervous as I have never done it before and at the same time anxiously looking forward to. It has been a long time desire to learn it but with something or the other coming up I could not join the classes, Finally today I enrolled myself and will start and do it till the time I am here in the city. After that I will have to see back in Muscat if I can continue.

Thank you for visiting my blog. 👼🏻👼🏻💖💖🌹🌺🌸


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Covid has silenced and shut people to their home. Businesses were closed and parks has less people. Enjoy and take care always

Very true, life has changed completely. Thank you for the concern

It is always a privilege to work near by seaside. Once I worked for a few years.

I thoroughly enjoyed that period when my office was in this location, it was always like work with pleasure

I have never been to India but would have liked to. I enjoyed your photos and Nariman Point looks like a nice place to visit if one would go there. Thank you for sharing the time you had there with us all.

Thank you for checking my blog. This place gets very crowded on a normal day and the whole sea front is filled with people sitting and enjoying their evening. Sometimes it feels like the whole of city has gathered here, at such times I do not like to visit. India has varied landscapes, it is good to visit once in your lifetime.

I wish I would have when I was traveling the world. But my days of being a world traveler are over. Now I live vicariously through the travels of others online 😀

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