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If you ever visit India, the one place that should not be missed is Kerala, also called as "God's own Country". It is very rightly given this name, the place is so beautiful and nature's beauty is found here in abundance. It is one of the most scenic places in India. There are so many places to marvel in this place. The backwaters, Tea Gardens, Waterfalls, Bird sanctuary, Spice village, the scenic lush green mountains and so much more. Not to forget the Kerala traditional massage which is world famous. Kerala is famous for getting the best quality spices.

In one of my jobs this place was like home to me, because we had a training center, so I was on and off travelling there and staying for a good amount of time. It would be a complete contrast when I would get back home. It was like from the lap of nature to the concrete jungle.

If you want to visit Kerala a minimum of 12 to 14 days trip should be planned if you are really interested in exploring the place. The Backwaters, Tea Gardens, Spice Plantations, Waterfalls, Bird sanctuary. All of these you will enjoy if you spend a good amount of time. Just touch and go trip is not really worth it. The most common places to visit are Alleppey, Kochi, Thekkady, Munnar, Thrissur, Kovalam, Wayanad, Trivandrum.

Here are some beautiful views from different parts of Kerala.


The Athirapally Waterfalls.

The Bird Sanctuary

Truly heavenly


The most famous place to visit Eravikulam National Park


The Tea Gardens, most famous of the place

The backwaters has it's own beauty, but the only thing not good about it is there are lot of mosquitoes in the place.




It has been one of the best holidays. The place is truly mesmerizing and you do not feel like coming back home from this place. Hope you all enjoyed the place with the pictures.

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I only knew that kerala has a literacy rate of almost a hundred%, never knew that this place so beautiful 🥺💞. Thanks for sharing

The place is Heaven on Earth, for certain things we fall short of words to describe the beauty and that's what I can say for Kerala

The backwater cottages and best place for ayurvedic massage there are many option to explore the green beauty

Yaa, the place is abundant with natural resources.

WOW such an amazingly beautiful place I can see why you love it there

Yaa, it truly is amazing, you can spend your life in the hills.

I think I visited there once but not 100% sure

Beautiful place, very nice for a holiday, thanks for sharing!

Thank you. Glad you liked it @almi

Really cool shot of the tea garden! A lot of interesting history with India and it's famous teas.

Do the mosquitos bother you less than others around you? I just see you wearing short sleeved shirts and clear skin😄

Thanks for the beautiful peak into the region of Kerala!

Yes, with my hubby and son around, I am safer with the mosquitoes....hahaha.
Glad you liked it @dynamichivers

Just wondering what keeps them off ya. I noticed some people get bit more than others. I'll never use mosquito repellant on my skin...

I too do not use the repellant stuff, I normally just cover up myself completely to be safe, specially at night time when they are more.

What a beautiful place! Kerala's climate is so cool and there are so many cool places to visit mainly it is famous for the diversity of all religion. And the place where educate people lives are often seen clean and so mesmerizing. And nature never goes out of style. I prefer you to visit Uttarakhand as well.💖

Thank you for sharing your thoughts so beautifully.
Yes Uttarakhand is on my list.
India has some of the most scenic places to visit that's for sure.

Indeed this world is so beautiful, we should travel more to understand more.

Kerela is indeed heavenly. I have not been there but I have heard so much about it. My next long vacation in India is going to be Kerela only.

2 years back I sent my mom's dad to Kerela on their birthday. I and my brother planned the entire vacation for them and surprised them with the tickets. They were very reluctant to go but when we told them the tickers were nonrefundable (which was a lie), they agreed to go.

And apparently, they had the fun of their life there. They had so much fun. It was rainy weather, they enjoyed the beach, the waterfalls, backwaters, tea plantations. They were amazed to see the natural beauty of the place.

Seeing their pictures, I would definitely want to go there very soon.

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Ohh my dear, you should visit the place. I do not think there is anyone who has said that they have not liked the place. So nice, you planned it up for your mom dad.

Yes I'm going to plan as soon as this pandemic is over.

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