A small issue with Master Shots and overconfidence.

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I still getting to grips with my new DJI mini 3 Pro and coming down to Cornwall for a week seemed like a great time to try out some of the features.


Having done a couple of nice dronies and overhead shots.


Overconfidence was creeping in a bit and I hit the button one more time. Unfortunately Fat Finger Syndrome set in and I had selected an orbit not a dronie. OOps after backing away for about 10m the drone promptly kamikazied straight into the nearest tree before I could abort the mission.


The view from the tree was interesting but not much help in getting it down.


Fortunately it was only about 7m up so I did manage to get it back without much real damage so all well that ends well and it’s taught me a valuable lesson in double checking the settings before setting off the master and quick Shots on the drone.

So Hivers with luck the wind will drop a bit today and I will try not to get it stuck up another tree.


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Yikes, glad it wasn't busted up. Mine's got some additional sensors to help prevent that I think, but still get a little nervous letting it fly itself.

The mini 3 pro only has forward and rear. Side ways your on your own

Ah Yes, my previous was like that too I believe. The Mavic 3 has sideways sensors too, but I'm not keen to test them out much yet. Still treating it with kid gloves as my photo queen. Can't wait for the full fall colors and the 360 shot this year to go with my off-season ones.

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Sensors didn't work before crash?

They were working it went in sideways and was in the branches

Lol, what a mission it was ... a mission treepossible. I like the first photo of the teepee house, I'm glad you were able to get it down without it being broken. I'm sure you'll be more careful next time, although sometimes overconfidence helps in getting interesting pictures of foliage 🙂

Have a rad day.

The Teepee house is on of the Clowance Swedish style lodges near Camborne in Cornwall. I go every year for a week

It's beautiful, I'm not surprised you go every year, I would too!