Wednesday SkyWalk in Bakersfield, Vermont

in Drone3 months ago

Did a Wednesday SkyWalk this week with the Drone. Join me in viewing the interactive 360 panorma view, you can actually control the view with your mouse to look up down and all around. They won't display properly here, but the link to the Skypixel site is below the pictures. It's worth the visit.
I took a few still shots then also some panoramas and the amazing 360.

Be sure to click and open these large screen, especially the pano views to really appreciate.

Just a nice landscape shot.
And a view from the other direction. Not just you FPV guys getting nice shots!
Here's a lucky homeowner (not to mention the guy by the pond in the other pic).

Another of the pond (because I like ponds).

And one out the other direction, because why leave it out. This is why they call it the "Green Mountains" (even though the highest "mountain" is only 4,393 feet (1,339 meters)) we called those foothills back in Colorado lol.

Now here's where we get interesting. First look at this pic, then closely at the next two. All taken from the same hovering spot.
If you open this full size and zoom a bit, you'll see a tiny white speck in the back center of the far right clearing that is a golf cart. If you look carefully just above mid-center of the picture, you'll also see what looks like a little grey house in the middle of that clearing.

Now this one is from same location at less than half zoom (3.4x) that shows the same little field and golf cart.

Now remember that little grey house in the center of that clearing?
Here's what it looks like from the same hovering location but at 28x (max) zoom.
I just can't help but get carried away playing with the incredible zoom on this thing each time I take it out.

Oh, a couple others.
Here is a 180 panoramic that it took in similar fashion. It took 21 shots automatically adjusted the camera angle and tilt, then auto stitched them together into this nice pano. I had to reduce resolution drastically to fit them here, you should see the 5x quality originals!

Not sure how this one will display but it is a vertical pano taken the same way but it only uses 3 pictures stitched together.

Then there is one of my favorite "tiny world" pics.

Now if you liked any one of those, be very sure to check out these 360 views.


Here's the Skypixel link to the interactive 360 panoramic views. There are two, one taken this week, and one taken back in March, during our cold Winter with snow. It's an amazing difference, doesn't even look like the same place.

Be sure to click and move your mouse around in the 360 you can control the view to look up, look down, spin around zoom, etc. This is one of the "mastershots" mode taken by the Mavic 3, just hover, click a button, and it automatically spins, changes camera views up and down for 25 pictures, then auto-stitches them together for this view. Requires special software or only viewable on the skypixel site, facebook, or others that support 360 shots. (hint, hint, devs!).


That house owner is lucky! they could've build a homesteading setup and it would be so awesome. This is a next level wednesday walk. I hope more people discovering this community so they can share their drone shots 😃

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Hey Kris

I can't believe how good the zoom is on that drone, I was really not expecting it to be so crisp and that's only at half zoom? Very cool. The stitching on that Pano is phenomenal, you really do have a lovely little place in the world with all that green, I'm glad you are able to get out and enjoy it and find interesting spots from above.

Have a great day. Cheers

The one with golf cart in the field is at less than half zoom, 3.4x I believe it was. The one with the Clubhouse and all the carts was full zoom at 28x. It really is amazing. Exactly what I wanted in the first two drones I had!

Very adorable scene
Though tiny it looks very beautiful
What's the population
Very serene i could imagine
Want to leave in such places

Well the town has about 439 residences (houses) spread across a pretty wide area. About 1,200 total population. Not much for businesses, Post Office, Gas Station, Car repair shop. Handful of others.

Will visit there at God's appointment time for my holidays
Thanks for your time, Im honoured.

Amazing views from your drone, seeing a post like this so tempts me to get one, but I think I will keep saving for the next lens I want lOL

Thanks for joining Wednesday Walk :), I truly enjoy exploring the world virtually each Wednesday seeing walks from all around the globe and feeling I am there and experiencing it all myself, such as I did in your post just now :)

Well this IS the next lens you want. lol At least for me, it's just a flying camera that gives me new perspectives I can't get with my other camera and lenses. But I get it, it's hard to put down the Sony as well! I had to push off the additional lens for my Sony for the drone, different priorities.

I will admit I have been bouncing back and forth in my head Drone or new lens, I have been doing that for ages to be honest, the views from a drone can be amazing as your post clearly shows, but I do love my photo walks so I ponder would I use the drone enough

Which lens are you looking at? For me I was looking at a 24-70 or similar. I already have the 100-400 and 200-600, so the drone was easy choice as I don't shoot many of the wider angle shots (and can use phone or drone for that). If I were looking at drone vs one of the larger zoom lenses, I would probably choose the lens as well and wait on the drone. But that's just me, I like taking the closeup wildlife shots and such more than the landscapes. That's why I spent the $$ on this drone was for the extra zoom capability. If not for that, other nice ones at half the cost. Choices, choices. You'll likely end up with both eventually, like me! I've also landed a few easy real estate gigs, shooting some external houses/properties with the drone (I don't do internals, or advertise etc.) and made enough back to buy the lens probably... Can easily get $200-$500 a pop for doing a few aerial shots/video and couple hours of post processing...

I am considering the new Tamron 30-150 F2/2.8 lens have seen such good reviews of it and would be a nice lens to have would replace my 24-240 Lens which I dropped a while back and it isnt working as well as it should be. thats cool you get some real estate work with the drone

which drone did you go for?

This is my third Drone, started with an original Mavic to test the waters, then sold that and upgraded to Mavic 2 Pro a year later, then upgraded to the Mavic 3 now. It's all about the camera for me, and this zoom to go along with the Hasselblad camera on-board is just what I wanted starting out... That 24-240 sounds nice all-purpose lens. btw, not sure if you use them but I just love the 1.4 and 2x Teleconverters for the Sony. The 2x loses stops of light, but otherwise I have noticed any clarity difference (just need a tripod or rest to hold steady at those magnifications, lol). Not sure how well they'd work with the non-Sony lenses though.

I have read great reviews of the Mavic 3, and the cost of it is just a little more than the Tamron lens I am thinking of getting so I guess when I have saved up enough it will be final decision time, if I was ever to get one the onboard camera would be a key factor

and I dont have either teleconverter yet, I have read they sometimes have issues with non sony lenses and even then also works best only with certain Sony Lenses so I havent pulled the trigger on getting one yet

the 20-240 Lens I loved and used it a lot when walking around NYC, if I hadnt dropped it and damaged it I wouldnt be thinking of the tamron 30-150, but the 24-240 has some intermittent issues where sometimes it gets a clear image and focus where i want it other times very soft images and hence why I am thinking of replacing it

Yes, it had some minor glitches initially, but fixed with software update. It has been fantastic. It is a beast in the wind, easily flyable in 20-30mph with gusts. Of course it has the best camera. I would definitely recommend pairing it with the RC Pro controller. I had similar controller for my Mavic2 Pro and it makes a world of difference for either of them in comfort, stability, flight time, etc. I don't know I'd spring for the cine version, but the fly more package with RCPro seems the sweet spot.

Wooow!. It’s a perfect view

Thanks, it is very cool to see it like this in a picture knowing how it looks from the ground.

Yay! 🤗
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Wow awesome 👍

Thank you. Glad you liked it. Was a blast filming it.