📷 Blue-green Landscape

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Nothing superfluous, everything is quite laconic: only dark blue water and a variety of shades of green in the sunset light. Photos of this type can even be a little confusing, forcing you to take a closer look at them in order to understand what is shown there and what is the scale in reality. But here, in fact, everything is simple: it is a small islet in the lake, surrounded by aquatic plants: first a dense ring of grass, and then a ring of water lilies. And in order to better imagine the scale, it is worth understanding that one tree grows on the island, casting a noticeable long shadow.

I love it when I get to photograph something in such a semi-abstract style :) But it doesn't happen that often.

It's better to watch the photo in high resolution.

Camera: DJI Mavic 2 Pro
Exposure time: 1/4 sec
Aperture: F 9
Sensitivity: ISO 100
Focal length: 10.26 mm
35 mm equivalent: 28 mm

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This shot is beautiful and breathtaking! The colors are exquisite! 💚

Thanks a lot! :)
As for colors, such lighting - pre-sunset light, when the sun is already very low - is most often the most successful, it allows you to see the whole variety of color shades that would be lost in brighter and more direct sunlight. Therefore, many photographers love to shoot at sunset and at dawn :)

Interesting shot, thanks for posting in our group! Definitely needed the explanation.

Thanks for looking! I think the explanation was useful not only to you :) It is this kind of mystery that I like in such photographs.

Какая красота! ) Но сначала мне показалось что это какая-то инфузория в микроскопе :)

Даа, я знаю, у самого есть такие ассоциации насчёт инфузории или чего-то вроде этого, форма ещё как раз похожа. И именно это мне и нравится в таких полуабстрактных сюжетах. Когда надо вглядеться, чтобы понять :)

Perfect shot and frame

Thanks a lot! I'm glad :)