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¡No ha sido nada agradable re encontrarse con su antigua alumna de esta manera!

Mitharael fue una de sus alumnas, sin embargo, lograron hacer buena amistad; algo no tan fácil ya que Gersiel es bastante cerrado para hacer amigos.

Después que Mitharael terminó su entrenamiento, fue enviada a iniciar sus actividades como nueva ángel guardián y Gersiel continuó como maestro de nuevos aprendices por lo que no volvieron a verse en muchos años.

Hay muchas cosas que me gustaría contar sobre ella pero ya sería hacer spoiler, así que las dejo pendiente para que las vayan conociendo a través de la historia 😉

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It hasn't been pleasant at all to meet up with his former student like this!

Mitharael was one of his students, however, they managed to make good friendship; something not so easy since Gersiel is quite closed to making friends.

After Mitharael finished her training, she was sent to initiate her activities as a new guardian angel and Gersiel continued as a teacher of new apprentices so they did not see each other again for long, long years.

There are many things that I would like to tell you about her but it would be a spoiler, so I leave them pending so you can get to know her through the story ;)

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Disclaimer: English is not my native language. Even when I have a conversational level, I can make a lot mistakes in the structure of the sentences. Feel free to kindly correct me. It will help me in my learning process. Thanks for your understanding.


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