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RE: Your Top 3 Contest - Winners Announcement June 2020 - Favourite Video Games

Oh, my goodness! To say that I'm startled and delighted is an understatement! A double whammy for just doing something that's fun and saying what just pops into my head...wish that would happen more often!

Congratulations to @wiseagent - again! And to the other winners @justclickindiva and @the100.

As for the league winners, I know that I'm in good company, with @traciyork and @dksart. But, we're missing our friend @simplymike who hoped I'd not entered this month because she was also in the running....

Thanks to the @yourtop3 team!


Congratulations Fiona and thank you for entering all these months! You never know what might happen when you tell us all your favourite things 😃


Thanks @fionasfavourites for the congrats. This was an interesting 2nd quarter with fun topics I actually liked writing about. Good to know a few things in this world after living to be a senior citizen, lol.

Take care.

Yes, it's the main thing I like about this competition - there is no pressure to participate. It's all in good fun and it gives me an opportunity to ruminate.

Senior citizen?

Good thing you didn't say old...hahahaha!