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Your Top 3 Contest

Poor Q... the guy had nightmares about the end of the world the other day and the way he was describing them made it seem like he was in an apocalyptic movie himself! Still, like all great contest mascots, Q decided THAT would be the topic of this month's contest:

Apocalyptic Movies

It's a pretty broad topic actually - zombies, natural disasters, something before, during and after an apocalyptic event and so you're only limited by your imagination (and the fact there needs to be some "end of the the world" event in the movie, obviously 😂).

After raiding the DVD collection (yes I still have those, why are you sniggering?), I think I've managed to get it down to 3 although the zombie films did seem to dominate! Something about that genre of film (and game even) that grips me in its gruesome gory hands!

If you want to enter the contest make sure you write a post with your nominations before the 9th August! Full details about how to enter are here!

Q has disqualified me from entering any Your Top 3 contest EVER so these are purely for entertainment purposes and half the post payout is contributed to the various prize pools

1 - Book of Eli (2010)

I have only seen this film once at the cinema when it was out in 2010 but it had a profound effect as I can remember it pretty well! Denzel Washington stars as the main character called Eli, who we follow around in a post apocalyptic world after a nuclear war 30 years prior. He travels around with the mission to deliver a copy of an unknown book to a safe place on the west coast of the USA and you learn about how the post-war world came to be.

I seem to remember that at first, it was pretty slow to get going but it did grow on me the more you got in to it and the twist at the end was pretty ace that I didn't see coming. Then again, I often don't see twists coming so am easily entertained haha! May have to watch it again to refresh the memory, it has been 10 years already 🙀

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2 - 28 Days Later (2002)

Seeing as @plantstoplanks already mentioned one of my favourite zombie films, Shaun of the Dead (and that I already had it in a previous contest, I had to raid the collection to see what else I have and it didn't take long to find 28 days later and pop this in my top 3. I remember the drama and tension created throughout as we see society breaking down after an unfortunate release of a "rage" virus - that scene where they try to sneak around in the church but make a noise then all the infected folks below look up and start chasing after them... damn!

We follow around four survivors who try to cope and make it through this utter destruction that the virus has brought upon their lives but at the same time, keeping out of harms way. One of my favourite musical scores from the film that has been referenced many times since is "In the House, In A Heartbeat" which sends shivers down your spine - great film, can't believe it's nearly 20 years old!

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3 - Resident Evil (2002)

Another early 2000s zombie film was Resident Evil which was based on the popular video game of the same name - I wasn't too keen on the game myself but I really enjoyed the movie. That corridor of doom as the main people from the "Umbrella Corporation" try to contain an outbreak of a T-Virus at an underground genetics research laboratory called "Hive" (ha!)!

The automated facility, characterised by a terrifying holographic child, sealed everything up and the outside world was all safe in Raccoon City, so there really was no need to head down there... but then there wouldn't be much of a film would there! All hell breaks loose and we follow what remains of the team as they try to escape without being wrecked by the "re-animated".

Actually, the Resident Evil film series continued all the way up to 2017 but I don't think I made it past the second film really!

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Now It's Your Turn

So what are Your Top 3 "Apocalyptic Films"? Would any of these make your choices or is the selection apocalyptic in itself? HAHA!

Remember to write a post and get your nominations in by 9th August 2020! Can't wait to read them - full instructions here



All 3 are solid movies, enjoyed all of them as for resident evil it reallt went downhill fast! The last one was actually shot around the corner from my house and it was proper shite lol

As you can tell where I live is perfect for a zombie movie lol

Haha, yeah Resident Evil kinda sucked after the first one! That's pretty cool that they filmed it near your place! Was that the reason it was shite or did you gatecrash the set?!

I actually couldn't get passed RE:Apocalypse which was truly an abysmal sequel!

It was poorly written plot didn’t make sense and even more convoluted then the previous one and the CGI was awful

I would walk past the set everyday to get to the train station! One stunt woman lost her arm during filming too

LOL, that really does sound like a bag of shit right there! Bloody hell, she actually lost her arm or it's a part of the act??

I don’t think I can do justice to how bad it is, they really milked that franchise to death! Won’t be long before the try and reboot it I’m sure!

Nope she lost her arm, she’s sued for damages apparently she was on a motorbike and got hit by one of those cameras and had to have the arm removed

Haha yeah "Resident Evil: Kurt Angle Redemption"

Damn man that's so savage about her arm, jeez...😔

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Nice selections, all great movies, Resident Evil is probably one of the best video game to movie franchises ever :)

Haha thanks! Yeah I think the first movie was pretty much the best in the series though! I never did get around to watching the rest other than Apocalypse which I thought was not that great...

Did Silent Hill come first as a movie or as a video game? Seem to remember that being a better movie than game...

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Yeah Silent Hill was a video game first also, I never really got into it, it was similar play style to Resident Evil and there were only 2 Silent Hill movies, the games and movies were ok. As far as quantity goes Resident Evil is just crazy, there were like 20+ Resident Evil video games and 6 movies, lol

Hahaha yeah they really went hammer and tong on the Resident Evil franchise!

I think the Silent Hill movie was probably better than the game but I didn't get that much in to either, just remember Silent Hill being creepy AF!

Simon is just going to get "Pegged" around all of us at some point or another. ;) Looks like you landed on some good ones regardless. Though I have to say it really is starting to make me feel old when movies that were made almost 20 years ago feel like they were just released. I have actually seen all three of these, woohoo! 28 Days Later probably gave me the most shivers out of the bunch. I had almost forgotten about The Book of Eli, but definitely one worthy of the topic. I'm pretty sure Dave and I have watched a few of the Resident Evil movies along the way. Milla Jovovich is kind of a badass, even if the rest of the movies are shite, haha. ;)

As long as he doesn't peg himself to those zombies, he'll be just fine! I know how you feel about "getting old"... the time is just flying by and doesn't seem to be stopping, even in the current climate!

This might be the first time you've seen all of my choices! I also nearly forgot about Book of Eli, I had to ask @cheese4ead what the name of it was because I had only seen it the once but remember the story pretty well and the setting of a post-apocalyptic world! You're right about Milla, she really kicked some serious undead ass! Shame her appearance alone wasn't enough to save the dross movies though (but I should probably watch them first before casting comment after Apocalypse)!

Great selection.

I'm skipping this month's entry. Not a big apocalyptic movie fan 😅.

Will vote on the poll once it's out.

Aha thanks man! Yeah not my strongest topic either but Q calls the shots and when he bursts in to our Zoom conference calls first thing at the beginning of the month telling us he was inspired by "last night's dream", we never know what we're in for!!

Are you sure you can't be tempted to toss 3 nominations in to the ring...? Q will be on call for comforting hugs 😃

STOP STEALING ALL THE GOOD ONES!!!!! Man! I mean, 28 days later, Resident Evil.... my favs!! I don't know which to choose from now....

Haha well I had to change mine as I was going for Shaun of the Dead but @plantstoplanks saw to it first!

You're just going to have to pick some other ones, otherwise you'll upset Q and he has a bigger monopoly board ☝️

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LOL just so you know, monopoly is the one board game I hate. So trash it all to hell lol. Monopoly board throwing contest with Q? Mmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaybe

Make it happen meuf!

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Even though I completed the original game on the PS1 I haven't watched the movie of Resident Evil. Loved the game though.

The Book of Eli and 28 Days Later are class, though.

I think you'd like the first Resident Evil movie but only the first. If you're a glutton for punishment then you can feel free to watch the rest of the series but you have been warned haha!

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Haha. So many movies get bleed dry based on a single idea. Alien being another good example. 1 and 2 amazing but the rest are shite!