August Your Top 3 Contest: My Favorite Apocalyptic Flicks

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How the heck is it August already? As usual, a new month means a new contest topic from our dapper mascot "Q" for the @yourtop3 entertaining monthly challenge. This round Q is hitting a bit close to home with the topic of "End of the World" movies. Well, perhaps we all need a sense of humor in this current crazy world we are living in.

Sense of humor is indeed what I am going for in my choices. Though there are plenty of great movies that have lots of action with aliens landing and trying to take over the world or cataclysmic storms wiping out the earth, I am going the comedy route because I still need plenty of good laughs these days. I do enjoy a good zombie film, so luckily there are a few excellent ones in the mix to choose from within my given parameters. As per usual, my entry is not eligible for the contest, but my liquid post payout will boost the prize pool for the month.

Without further ado, here's a few flicks guaranteed to make you giggle, even as the world falls down around you... ;)

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This months topic is "End of the World" Movies

My Nominations are:

Nomination Number One

Zombieland (2009)

My Reasons for the Nomination

Though this movie came out over a decade ago, I only recently watched it. Followed not long after by the sequel, which was also a contender for my post. Comparing the two, I think I do prefer the original by just a bit despite enjoying Rosario Dawson's character in the second film. The premise is pretty common--zombies have overtaken the world, well the USA at least. The movie follows the few main characters as they hunt for Twinkies, any surviving family members, or just a safe place to exist. Woody Harrelson is quite funny as a hardcore zombie-killer who comes up with creative ways to off the dead people inhabiting the world, all while hoping to find his favorite sweet treat. Jesse Eisenberg is another great character, using more of his brains and "rules" to survive the apocalypse. They two run into sisters played by the fabulous Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin, who initially outwit the gentlemen before becoming friends.

There is also a great scene with the legendary Bill Murray, who makes a cameo. The movie has plenty of zombies and a dramatic ending to add some suspense, but all in all is most enjoyable for the quirky characters and dialogue in my opinion.

Nomination Number Two

Shaun of the Dead (2004)

My Reasons for the Nomination

I know my two gentlemen panel members will appreciate my choice of this British comedy. Another zombie film, but perhaps even more into the comedy genre than my previous choice. I believe this movie was the first in which I saw Simon Pegg, who plays the lead character. Coincidentally, it was the first in a trilogy of movies which ends with "The World's End", which might make for another great choice this month, though I personally think I missed that film. Might have to go back and give it a watch. ;)

Shaun is a bit of an anti-hero whose life is a mess even before the zombies overtake London. The town where he lives is so small and unexciting, it even takes a while before he and his friend Ed, played by Nick Frost, notice the zombies. They then go on a wild ride of trying to evade the zombies or kill the ones they can, while attempting to save Shaun's mom and girlfriend. It has been a bit since watching this last, so I can't recall offhand all the main plot points, but it is a fun one to watch. Plenty of good laughs along the way from Pegg and company.

Nomination Number Three

This is the End (2013)

My Reasons for the Nomination

Pure ridiculous humor in this movie. Seth Rogan, James Franco, Danny McBride, Jonah Hill, Craig Robinson and Jay Baruchel star as slightly over-exaggerated versions of themselves. This is the only one of my picks that doesn't relate specifically to zombies, but instead Los Angeles is being ravaged by earthquakes, demons and even Satan himself.

The friends initially hide out in Franco's home, trying to conserve food and water, and not kill each other or ruin their friendships. Eventually they have to venture out for supplies and encounter all kinds of ridiculous obstacles along the way. This one is one of those to watch if you enjoy absolutely stupid humor, though you could probably guess at that given the actors in the film. There are plenty of other funny cameos all throughout the movie to add to the fun.

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As always, I hope you enjoyed my choices for the round, and even more so that it inspires you to join in the fun with your own entry! The more the merrier in the @yourtop3 monthly contest!

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LOL I can see myself looking for twinkies and refusing snowballs during a zombie outbreak. I loved all these movies, epic epic selections!

Oh and you got red on you?

I think peanut butter cups would be my coveted item to search for. 😜

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Before I watch zombieland to and my sister is very scared.

Ooh yes, any of these zombie movies can be scary even for adults! I still can't watch many horror movies without covering my eyes. ;)

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Well, that empties my bucket of good movie choices

On another note, great choices :D

Haha, well you happened upon some pretty good ones yourself!

Haha those first two choices are great ones (I've not seen the 3rd) but have to admit that Simon Pegg & Nick Frost with the "Cornetto Trilogy" has to be up there with favourite films.

I was lucky enough to have "beta access" as a girl I was dating at the time had some deal with the cinema and signed up for early access tickets where they were asking for feedback on the film. I couldn't fault it and found it pretty hilarious the first time around, then the release was even better!

I did think Paul was pretty funny, too. Though I really enjoyed a rom/com Pegg starred in called "Man Up". He still had that great comedic timing, but pulled off the romantic side well. There's no end to the rabbit holes we can go down with movies, is there? ;)

Yeah Paul was OK, wasn't part of the Cornetto trilogy though 😁 Simon Pegg really nails his timing though, even in the comedy series Black Books where he makes an appearance for about 20 minutes, flipping hilarious!

Oh yeah, I know Paul was out of that "world". ;) I'll have to check out Black Books. We need some new stuff to watch, but old that is new to us works, too.

Love your choices P2P.

Hilarity everywhere is an end of the world topic. That's awesome.

Zombieland is being left for another family member (no names mentioned) 😁 and This is the End is another one of my crew's picks. I haven't seen that one but I love Shaun of the Dead and especially Zombieland.

Haha, well glad to know myself and one or more of the Bakers are on the same page. Definitely some good ones. This is the End is pure stupid humor if you really want a laugh. Or if you want to laugh specifically at the ridiculousness of Hollywood. I could watch any of these three over and over again and laugh every time.

I see we have one common nomination, "This is the End". I enjoyed watching Shaun of the Dead as well. Both great comedy movies.

I might have highjacked the theme a bit with the comedy side of things, haha. But given how close to home this month's topic hits, I thought I'd play it on the lighter side myself. ;)

I would like to add 'The Truman Show' to the list.

Kind of kidding but - as you might have seen me mention before - it sure seems we're living in The Truman Show lately.

Big hug!

Seeing your first two nomination you most be a fan of zombie films and vampires.
Great comedy zombie movies.
I like it when they act Apocalypse films and still make jokes and comedy in the film.

LOL! We're on the same Zombieland page, eh? I mentioned in my wicked long list that I liked the original "just a little bit more" - sympatico much? 😂

And again with the choice of Shaun of the Dead - excellent choice, isn't it @nickyhavey?

It's been forever since I've seen "This is the End" but I remember laughing at how over the top it was!

Excellent choices, as always @plantstoplanks! It will be interesting to see how the poll turns out!

That dpoll is always a nail-biter! Fun to know all my horses will be at the starting blocks this round, but it's just a blast to see how the community decides. We'll soon find out which ones will rise to the top of the Hive charts!

I love SOTD! One of my favourites but I love the whole Cornetto Trilogy (Hot Fuzz and World's End being the other two). Think I may have to get myself the dvd of world's end to complete the collection now 😁

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