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RE: Why I Love HIVE? #LoveForHive

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Sorry to hear 😅, but we also sell edibles and help many guests with cannabis- and entheogen-based therapeutic options at our Hotel/Retreat.

There's also the Bird, Flower, and Stoner's Sanctuary in the back yard where we took the video. Some people attend just to feed the birds and for the peaceful atmoshpere. There's something for everyone looking to retreat/relax/retire.

Thanks for the @tipu curation. 🙏


This sounds like Heaven to me. May I know what's the location of your hotel Donald? Would love to pay a visit one day!!!

Thanks, we provide discounts if you pay with HIVE (or Bitcoin) 😉😉

We're located in West End, Negril, Jamaica about 5mins walk from Rick's Café.

Check out our website at for online booking and/or give us a call (or Signal) 1(876)802-2703 and we can help book your Bakecation 🙂

Weed heaven... Unfortunate I had a bad experience when I had edibles and I don't think I will come close to it again. 🤭 Barely escaped with my life the last time.

Gotta be careful with the dosage bro.