My August in Pictures: A Trip Back Home|| #PhotoDump

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THe beaches of Venezuela are beautiful but in particular the ones in the Morrocoy National Park.
The place to be happy for him.
_From the pier to the small islands only a 10-minute trip.

It has a cost of 10 USD p/p_
The Road to Happiness, is how the entrance to Tucacas town is known, why? cause is the road you have to take when on your way to the most beautiful beaches of Venezuela.
Dunas Water Park, a place to have fun all day, there is so much to do is impossible to get bored here.
Water and Mechanical attractions for all ages.
The brothers from different mothers, at one point in time the both were inside my mom's womb, since when you are pregnant with a baby girl she already has all her eggs on her own womb. (this blows my mind everytime i think of it)
he is the most happy in any body of water that can be, either small or big, natural or man-made.

a Trip Back Home for School Vacations

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So, I know Liketu is only allowing to post 10 Pictures at a time but I wanted to do a Photo dump like a real dump lol of my whole month while in my Hometown so, that took more than just 10 pictures and that is why this post has too many pictures to count...

I live in El Tigre, Anzoátegui State in Venezuela, I moved here because of my Kid's dad, this city has its perks I'm not going to speak bad of it, but one thing it doesn’t have it a lot of recreational places specially for children, and so when ever a school break comes, I try to take my Kid back to my hometown where we have more options.

This summer school break was not different, and We travel back to Valencia in Carabobo state, We usually stay there for a few weeks but this time I had planned a Networking Event for Hive with some awesome Hivers (Soy-Loreto & Lunaticanto) and decided to stay for a whole month and as you can see in our photos, we had a great time.

Beach trips

Venezuela is actually a small country, and a lot of the towns and cities have easy and close access to the beach, I’m lucky to be able to live in 2 of these cities, where I currently live I'm only 2 hours away from the beach, but sadly our car doesn’t allows us to do this round trip as often as we would like ( I hate our car).



But from my mom’s place in my hometown is not only closer but also we have more car options to make the trip




That is the other advantage of making the trip back to my hometown, I get to spend some time with my family, my mom and sister, growing up we used to fight sooooo much soo, soooo much lol, but now I truly miss them a lot, so being around them and my nephews is a the main thing we have to come to.

My nephew’s bday

We originally made the trip to be able to attend my nephew’s bday, he is the cousin from both sides of the family that is closes in age to my kid and so is a blessing and a curse, why? Cause they love each other like brothers and that means they fight each other like brother too they are so annoying when together, but we love them and hate they live apart, so we make sure they are always there on bdays and important occasions.


Parks and other places

Valencia has a lot of places to take the kids and I wanted to in particular take him to Dunas Water Park, this is a place I hadn’t been in years, and always had a good time when I was little going to it, so taking the kid there was important to me this time around since he is a little bit older and can fully enjoy almost all the attractions, this place has the plus of not only being a water park but also a mechanical one, so it has a lot of rides to enjoy. I was amaze to see my kid being fearless and get on rides that were nerve-racking even for me.


Another place we went was ”The Magical land” this is full of swimming pools, was a nice Sunday to have and enjoy with the kids.


Visiting the Godparents

Juan’s Godparents are also my godparents, because why choose different ones when your work so well already?
We cant go back to Valencia without stopping by at least a day visiting them, they have a pool in their place so Juan LOVES going there.

They are the kind of godparents that are always present even if they cant really be, they make sure to never forget a birthday or especial date so, We couldn’t have picked better ones.



Now I couldn’t take a proper photo dump without including some food porn.

We actually didn’t go out too much since I couldn’t spend too much money on that right now, My kid’s bday is coming up and also the back-to-school supplies are expensive.

But for one I cant go to Valencia and not go to Charlotte and 2 we actually did Hive event in there so…. I went more times than I should of lol for my diet.

Charlotte has a mix of coffees, salads and burgers that are SO YUMMY!


We also went to a burger place called ”Donde Nacho” where they make the best crispy chicken burger in the whole city.


Also, a stop by Pizza 007 an Italian pizzeria where not only the make the best pizza and Cesar’s salad ever but they are so cheap is not an option no to go.


Last but not least we have Ice Creams for dessert. Poppas Ice Cream place is a bit expensive but make the best cheesecake of chocolate ice cream ever.

Also being with my mom means we get to have home made donuts and that is the best ever!!


The Road trip

We would love to make this trip back to my home more often but...


It takes 7 hours in a private car, and since ours can't make a 2-hour trip much less can make an 8 hours one. So, we have to make this trip on a bus and those can take up to 12 hours to make arrive at our destination or sometimes even more, also the trip has a cost of 25 USD for each seat.

Thankfully Juan is used to the trip and always just falls asleep as soon as we took off and so, I don't have to worry about him during the trip much.


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As always, thank you very much for reading me and
I hope to read your comments!

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Gracias por compartir esos momentos de felicidad con nosotros. Que bonitas playas. Saludos

Wow! How much love and fun over there!!

What a pizza you had!! 2 flavors! It looks super tasty, and Italian style is the best. Also Poppas Ice Cream seems to be a great place!! The ice cream seems to be yummy!

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Hey Victoria! Glad to see you are doing well and enjoying life!

OMG you are back!!! is so nice to read you again, I cant complain with life I mean I could cause you know life... but yeah it could be worse and im healthy and my family is healthy so that is all that matters. Hope you are doing awesome too!

Excelente post , de verdad me encanto. Y que buenas fotos pudiste tomar amiga.