"I am..." exhibit on the Metaverse and irl - Paris, France


Just a month ago, I was asked by one of the curators of Gxrls Revolution, Léa, if I have enough time for me to make a new work for an upcoming irl exhibit in Paris, France which will be held during International Women's Day (March 8). Luckily, I was already making a work at that time and the theme also matches with my work.

Just two weeks ago, I completed and minted my work Devils And I on Foundation.

Exhibit in the Metaverse

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 4.08.26 AM.png

The opening exhibit in Paris was supposed to be on March 8 but because of protests that will be happening that day, they decided to move it to March 10. That doesn't stop us from exhibiting it on March 8 though (for International Women's Day) so they decided to have an opening ceremony in the Metaverse as well.

The venue was in Spatial.io and the curators presented each work to the audience. The artists also have an option to talk if they want to.

Screenshot 2023-03-17 at 1.02.21 PM.png

Screenshot on Twitter from 0xjeanmi

I was a bit late so I wasn't able to be there while they were presenting my work. lol

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 4.14.54 AM.png

One of the friends I made in the NFT space is Cechk and she's always been so supportive. <3

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 4.23.11 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 4.23.38 AM.png

Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 4.24.05 AM.png

Attempted to take a selfie with my work lol. It's so stupid cos the avatars look down. XD This is also just a random avatar since I really don't have a Spatial custom account.

Exhibit in Paris, France

the Gallery 2.jpg

All photos were taken by Gxrls Revolution

The opening was held on March 10 at Galerie IHAM, Paris, France. I wasn't there to attend the event so I just stayed at home waiting for pictures lol.


The event was PACKED. Even before it started, there were 300+ who registered which was awesome so they were already anticipating the amount of people attending.

Gallery opening 3.jpg


Makam Eleni Squirterrer.jpg


the gallery.jpg

Galerie IHAM is located in Paris, 46 Bd Henri IV and apparently it's the first French NFT art gallery.


Our works were so important that the Parisian police came to guard the gallery. Man, I think only one officer is fine but we'll accept it. Thank you officers! :P

They had art talks in the next days as well.


Brandfuet Al Simpson.jpg



It's so refreshing to see an NFT exhibit that's "done" properly you know? I saw other NFT exhibits that shows works on screen but didn't even have title cards so they didn't know who the artists were lol. There are also tables and chairs where you could enjoy the works and have the option to sit down and relax too, just like how you should do it.

The curators and organizers really did a great job with the exhibit and I feel so proud and honored to be able to work with them!



Marissa Megan Barbara.jpg

On the left, you can see the lovely @barbarabezina's work "I'm everything you don't see". 😍 I really like how we share the same screen! :D




I would love to thank my curator Léa not only for inviting me to exhibit, but also for accommodating my photo requests. 🥺 It's one thing seeing your work on the gallery walls and also different feeling seeing your work with Paris streets in the background.

Yinkore Sasha Squirterrer.jpg


Thank you very much for everyone involved. The exhibit was such a huge success and it's overwhelming the amount of support we got throughout the event.

It's also amazing to know that I haven't been forgotten in the space despite my long hiatus and not even active on Twitter. It's so good to know that your works made an impact to them that you're in their hearts and memory lol. I thank Léa and @barbarabezina for being such a huge supporter of my work haha. I'm proud to say this is my first work for 2023! ✨

CATALOGUE Exposition I am....jpg

It's an honor being able to exhibit with all these artists as well. Such great works and I wish I would be able to meet them someday. :D

Truly amazing event by Gxrls Revolution, Galerie IHAM, and Jean-Michel Pailhon.


It's always so awesome to see your work getting exhibited Vy! It kindaaa makes me feel proud (that I know you of course)!

I wonder if @anttn has seen this exhibition yet, I think he lives nearby :P

Not yet, but I may go see this weekend if it's still open :D

Thanks you for letting me know !

Have a good weekend ahead ✌️

The exhibit ended already :/ I should've posted way earlier lol but I believe the gallery have other NFT exhibits now if you're interested to see.

It's what I saw when I dig into your article.. I will look about it, let me also tell you that I really appreciate your work from an artistic point of view :) Nice animations and digital art, even I tend to prefer your big paintings 😉 Hope to see more !

Thank you! Maybe not big paintings for a while, they’re beautiful but really expensive and eats so much space 🫣 Not even talking about materials here but the cost of shipping/framing it to other places for exhibits. Better to focus on digital for now. Thank you very much for the kind words :D

I really know what you're talking about... my stepfather is a abstract painter who makes huge, voluminous canvases, full of matter and therefore quite heavy ^^ ! Also, working in museums has given me a glimpse behind the scenes, but I think it's good to work in periods, and as you say, to have a foot in every expression of the field.

Hope you're having a nice Sunday ✌️

Of course you should be! 🙄🤣
Oh nooo the exhibit is done. I was late to posting haha

Congrats on having you artwork being included in the exhibit. 😍😍

Thank you! It was a great experience🥰

I love to see other women being successful in their fields 🙂 Congratulations on the exhibit!

I will look into work of Gxrls Revolution as they have a cool name!

Thank you! They recently did a catalog with women artists too. :D

That's awesome! Congrats!

It's one thing seeing your work on the gallery walls and also different feeling seeing your work with Paris streets in the background.

Oh yes, so cool!

Thank you!

Congratulations ! An exposition in PARIS it's a big challenge

It is! Thank you :D

Congrats, girl! You didn't go this time?

No haha. Travels are reserved for the bull market🤣 And also with immigration being shitty now? I’d rather not.

I agree! Freedom of movement is just for the privileged. I'm actually anxious for our Vietnam trip this September. It's degrading to be off-loaded.

Sadly, I have no tips for you 🤣 They can really be unreasonable and will find a reason to get you offloaded. Hopefully they will become less strict after this viral thing

This is so exciting, congratulations 🙌 is this your first exhibition?

The event was PACKED. Even before it started, there were 300+ who registered which was awesome so they were already anticipating the amount of people attending.

It's obvious that France still has plenty of people who appreciate fine art ♥️

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No, this is my third exhibit in Paris alone. 😄 yeah France is pretty wild for art fairs lol

Your third??? How did you get started?


Oh wow! this is so cool. Wish I got the time to visit but currently away in Paris.

That would be so awesome haha maybe next time ✌️

Yeah, so many museums and exhibits to visit in Paris. <3

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Amzing idea , it was only students showing up but i believe the NFTs can be sold in different presentations for the futur and are amazing .

This is so cool. I didn't know NFT art galleries were a thing, and I was even more surprised that they held a metaverse exhibition. Thank you for posting this, and congrats on having your art exhibited.