Nice to see a Snibby post... even if he didn't actually play the guitar. Still a musical cat!


He's taking guitar lessons!

So, technically, the cat is a guitar stand. Or is the guitar a cat stand?

I think I understand why it looks so confused now.

lol the guitar is a cat stand!

My entire world changed just now.

Everything is a cat stand!

lol it really is!

Discovery of the meowllennium!

Poshi, fíjate en los tags y en todo en este post. By The way, dear author, this post is pretty cool. Love your cat and the guitar as well!! @lidny9

Thank you!

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Haha, cats are hilarious! Love them!

yay for snibby! 😊🐈😎🤙

So cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Shabby is so sweet!! I love this video!!