A triple beer quiz rollover! 20 Hive for the winner!

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#beersaturday is once again upon us and for the first time the weekly beer quiz has reached a triple rollover, which means someone out there has the chance to win 20 Hive! Not bad to say that all you need do is answer 10 beer-related questions!


There aren’t many quizzes on this blockchain offering these kinds of riches.

Before we begin I’ll give you all fair warning… @nevies has previously given 9 out of 10 correct answers and has been patiently waiting (and hoping) for this weeks rollover to come around. So be quick my beer drinking friends because this weeks quiz ain’t going to last long! All the clues you need are in the comments section of last week’s quiz post so I’d suggest you take a good look before you leap in to snatch the prize!

Good luck to you all and happy #beersaturday!

Time to get your quiz on!

Question 1

A Shandy and a Radler are very similar drinks, but what sets them apart from one another?

Question 2

Staying on the subject of Radler for a moment, where did the Radler get its name from?

Question 3 (Picture Quiz)

Name all four beers in the picture below


Question 4

What determines the density and longevity of the head of froth on your beloved beer?

Question 5

The required daily calorie intake for a male is 2500 and for a female, it is 2000. How many 330ml bottles of Budweiser would you need to drink to fulfill your body's needs? (Round up to the nearest number of bottles)

Question 6

"Follow the Bear" is the slogan for Hoffmeister lager. Can you tell me which famous film director carried out his final works for the 1983 Hoffmeister advert campaign?

Question 7

Which brewery got the idea for its name from a 17th-century fresco painting that was in the brewing house depicting Daniel in the lion's den?

Question 8

Castlemaine XXXX adverts were some of the funniest beer advertisements ever made, but can you tell me what the XXXX stands for?

Question 9

What is the name of Germany's famous strong beer festival?

Question 10

What is Cenosillicaphobia?


Rules of the game

To win the quiz I require 10 correct answers.
All participants have 1 attempt per week.
The quiz questions and prize fund will rollover each week until 10 correct answers are given.

Before I go, I would just like to remind anyone who has stumbled upon this post that the #beersaturday community is just a click away. Please pop over and join the gang as we share our love for this wonderful drink. @detlev posts a weekly beer-related competition for anyone to join. You'll also find lots more entertainment within that post, like my quiz! So come and join the fun!!

All hail the ale!!!


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  1. Shandy is the British name while Radler is the German name for it. Some other sources say a shandy was originally a mix with beer and only lemonade while radler is a mix with beer and any fruit juice.

  2. Radler (German for "cyclist") . The term Radler originates with a drink called Radlermass ("cyclist litre") that was created by innkeeper Franz Kugler in the small town of Deisenhofen, just outside Munich. During the great cycling boom of the Roaring Twenties, Kugler created a bicycle trail from Munich through the woods that led directly to his drinking establishment. On a June day in 1922, 13,000 cyclists arrived at Kugler’s. He blended it 50/50 with lemon soda as he started to run out of beer.

  3. First: Tsingtao | Second: Amstel|Third: Brooklyn Lager | Fourth: Corona Extra.

  4. The density and longevity of the head will be determined by the type of malt and adjunct from which the beer was fermented. Different mash schedules and cereal sources influence head retention. In general, wheat tends to produce larger and longer-lasting heads than barley.

Closely related to the beer head is "lacing" or "lace", a white foamy residue left on the inside of the glass as the head recedes or as the beer is drunk. Just as the composition of the beer (proteins, hops, yeast residue, filtration) affects a beer's head, the amount of lacing is also closely controlled by the specific composition of the beer, and beer connoisseurs can tell much by the lacing, though strictly speaking beer quality is not readily apparent by the head or the lacing.

  1. 20 bottles

  2. Orson Welles

  3. Löwenbräu

  4. The XXXX is a brand of Australian beer brewed in Milton, Brisbane by Queensland brewers Castlemaine Perkins. The XXXX is from an old tradition of using Xs to indicate the strength of an ale.

  5. Starkbierfest

  6. The fear of having an empty glass when drinking.


OH YES!! You made it, buddy! Congratulations on keeping your title of Brewmaster General! 20 Hive is on its way to you and absolutely well deserved too!
Did you like my cheeky trick with question 9? I almost felt guilty when I wrote the question 😈

Well done my friend.

Hahahaha. Thank you so much!

And Nope, I don't like the trick, but that was very brilliant 😂😂 it's hard to say whether it is fair or not, though 😅

Great Quiz @article61 I !love it
I've never heard from this Brooklyn Lager though. is it famous in the US? Do they export it in Europe?

Thanks! Really enjoying hosting it and finding different questions for each quiz. Hopefully participation will pick up in time.
You can get Brooklyn lager here in the UK so I'm guessing they export elsewhere too. It's nothing to shout about but it's certainly not a bad beer.

Thanks for dropping in. Have a !BEER on me

Honestly I think questions arequite difficult (Like guessing this Brooklyn Lager from a picture) and a lot of work to search the internet for the answers might stop people from participating. For me to participate I should see it coming across at the right moment, which means sitting behind my computer and having the time to start searching the internet... unfotunately quite impossible that this is going to be happening to be honest... !LOL anyway I still enjoy it when reading the answers...

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The A-gull and B-gull weren't quite right.

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Ah, looks like I made it!
Thanks for the clue! Took. Me a long time but now I'm here🤣🤣🤣🤣
It's also fair you said it in the post, anyone could have picked this up with all the time I wasted.

Well deserved mate! Congratulations! !BEER

Glad you understand that I had to make it a fair contest. I was twitching a little when I saw nothing from you in the first few hours 🫣

Q5 makes me laugh ... why would anyone actually drink that rubbish let alone drink enough of it to make it to your daily calorie intake when there is so much more better ale to be had (even in the States).

Can’t argue with that