Beersaturday Quiz, Dutch special! 5 Hive to be Won 😎

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As a tribute to this years #hivefest being held in Amsterdam, we will be enjoying a Dutch themed #beerquiz!


Whether it be drinking or producing, the Dutch are certainly no stranger to God’s amber nectar and with beer-behemoths like Heineken, Amstel, and Grolsch all originating from The Netherlands, it would seem that everyone on the planet is equally as familiar with the Dutch’s brew.
Besides the household name beers, the Netherlands have a strong presence in the craft ale market and an increasing number of independent breweries popping up all over the Netherlands. Hopefully, plenty of this fine ale found its way to hivefest, where I’m sure it was appreciated by @detlev and the #beersaturday enthusiasts who joined him at hivefest.

Let’s Go Dutch!

This week’s #beersaturday quiz has a prize of 5 Hive and the all important title of Brewmaster General.

As this is a Dutch inspired quiz I will be experimenting with the rules this week…

INSTEAD of requiring all ten questions answering correctly, this week I will award the victory to the person who answers the most questions correctly.
You will still only get one attempt to answers the questions for this weeks quiz, so read carefully the before you submit your answers.
Submit your answers in the comments section of this post.

Good luck!

It’s time to get our quiz on!!

Question 1

Trappist ales are more commonly brewed in Belgium but the Netherlands have 2 of their own. Can you name the 2 Dutch Trappist beers?

Question 2

The Netherlands also have their own Bok style beer. To be an official Bok beer, there are only 4 months of the year in which Bok can be sold. Which four months are they?

Question 3

If you’re in the Netherlands and you order a “Biertje”, what exactly are you ordering?

Question 4

Translate this Dutch proverb.

“Wanneer het bier is in de man dan is de wijsheid in de kan”.

Question 5

How much was the ransom paid for the release of Freddy Heineken during his kidnapping in 1983?

Question 6

Who played the role of Freddy Heineken in the movie about his kidnapping?

Question 7

What has to happen to a Dutch beer for it to be called “a dead beer”?

Question 8

Although you can sometimes order a pint of beer in the Netherlands, what are the 3 types of traditional glass beer is served in?

Question 9

Name the 5 beers pictured below (1 point for each beer)


Question 10

What is a “Gruit”?

That’s all, folks!

Before I go, I would just like to remind anyone who has stumbled upon this post that the #beersaturday community is just a click away. Please pop over and join the gang as we share our love for this wonderful drink. @detlev posts a weekly beer-related competition for anyone to join. You'll also find lots more entertainment within that post, like my quiz! So come and join the fun!!

All hail the ale!!!


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You don't make it easy for us Quizmaster! !LOL

  1. La Trappe & Zundert Trappist
  2. Sept, Oct, Nov, Dec
  3. Ordering a Beer (biertje).
  4. When the beer is in the man, then the wisdom is in the can
  5. 35 million guilders was paid ($17 million)
  6. Anthony Hopkins played Freddy Heineken
  7. When the head is gone, the beer is called a dead beer in Holland.
  8. Tulip Glass, Fluitje glass, Vaasje glass
  9. Amstel, Heineken, Hertog Jan, Bavaria Holland, Grolsch
  10. Gruit is a herb mixture used for bittering and flavouring beer

Have a great Saturday!! Prost!

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He was a Roofster.

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No, I am an evil quizmaster 😈 welcome back @mypathtofire. Great set of answers. !BEER

There is much more to Dutch Beer than I thought! !CTP

And this is only the tip of the iceberg.
There are soo many smaller breweries that produce really great beers. !BEER

I am considering a trip to find out more! !BEER

The Netherlands is where my love for real beer began! I used to work there a long time ago and my local pub served Duvel on tap 😎 good times

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Heineken that is it, that is the only answer I have!

🤣🤣 Sterling effort that one. I’ll let you know if you win 😬

I wasn't looking to participate in this week's, I wanted to sit back like the brew master I am and let the plebs have a go at this one. Nice to see more participants.

I might give it some more days and come back to see if any of them got it wrong and maybe take the price again if no one else is worthy after all I've done for them by giving them a headstart.

Yours Tipsily, Nevies.

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Your mercy is an honour to behold, Brewmaster General, but don’t allow them to mistake your kindness for weakness. Rule with an iron fist! That’s what I say 🦾

Good to see you here again my friend. Have a !BEER on me

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