The #BeerSaturday week 202 WINNERS

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WINNERS 🍺 of 16 delicious BEER plus 14 lovely HIVE plus 2 wonderful LEO token

Here we go with the winners for last week 202 of the really thirsty #BeerSaturday challenge here on #HIVE

Made by @detlev based on a picture form Pexels

The lazy @detlev is again late with all the posts for winners and our new tool is not yet ready, so I will do each week a few new winner posts and a few old one, to have all the prizes paid. And mainly to enable all of you to buy more beer to create more posts about beer. ;-)

Please spend a Re-HIVE
to promote the #BeerSaturday challenge
to all Hivians!

Everybody who join our weekly challenge is a winner as this means fun and a worldwide community of friends and beer lovers.

Keep in mind next week 194
we have 14 HIVE and
16 BEER and 2 LEO
some big valuable VOTES
in the prize pool!

18 active Hivians this week - wow this is great!

As you see as comments to the weekly #BeerSaturday post we had again some interesting stories about the beloved topic of beer

The Hivians @rynow @mdosev @ablaze @seckorama @handofzara @muelli @sagesigma @zekepickleman @cryptictruth @lxsxl @harveyword @carlagonz @akumagai @wildermejose @aggilingo @nevies @deanlogic @scubahead did some good jobs with their beer posts.



The winners of the prizes are this week. This was to easy - let's have some more people join the fun challenge.

We are happy to announce that the total prize pool has changed to a total of 14 HIVE for 3 prizes




All prizes drawn by our really drunken Jury

Celebrate and party and make sure you take a few pictures of the beer you have to use this for next week - as there is alway a new week and a new #BeerSaturday

(C) by pixabay and modified by @detlev for #beersaturday

Support the challenge

Do you like what we do with the weekly challenge and you may like to see higher the payouts for all the Hivinans.

Just leave some votes and let me know if you like to be named as a supporter.


Many thanks again to
for YOUR POWERFUL support

Please vote our Sponsors for Witness

This week we love to have you vote for ats-david and pfunk and cryptobrewmaster as witness with just a few clicks

Now relax and
join the #BeerSaturday challenge
with YOUR cool post about beer.

@Detlev loves HIVE

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happy beer saturday!


Thanks a lot and I will try my best for good !BEER stories😀. Till my liver breaks.

Don't drinkt to much - enjoy the taste and not the alc.

 2 months ago  

Hey @detlev, here is a little bit of BEER from @lxsxl for you. Enjoy it!

Learn how to earn FREE BEER each day by staking your BEER.

wow, what a thrill thank you very much! I would like to know where the leo tokens are sent? because I have not yet received the won in the previous week in hive engine, I do not know if You send them elsewhere greetings and congratulations to all the winners🍻🍺🍺🍺🍻🍻🍻

I will drop them laters to you.

My bookkeeping for the challenge is always late because job and family eat most of my time.

But I always do the winner posts with maximum transpary - you will see a "All Winner PAID" info here whenever I found the time.

To the community:

If there is anybody from the community who like to assist with some time doing the winner posts and so on - just let me know

Hi @Detlev - I would be happy to help out - what do you require?

Hi @harveyword wow - great!

I mainly need a hand in doing the winner calculations / math and the winner posts on time as my job eats my time.

We work on an automation for this but until this is available, a helping hand once a week would be lovely.

There is an excel I can share with you and as well some peakd templates. We even have the @beersat account, who can handle the posts instead of using my account. I guess 30 min per week is the time you need to invest.

If you have some time, we might do a discord call or a teams call or whatever - to have a discussion about that.

So great to have a supportive and drunk global crew to drink beer with.

Huge 76% jump in the value of Beer Tokens today too!


Woo! Thanks so much @detlev, always nice to win something 😃

I would have participated more, but I don't want to keep ruining people's day with my poor photography 😂
Once I get a better camera, I think I'd become a regular.


Do your pics - we all don't care as long as you have fun

Hahaha 😅
Ok, I hear you, though.